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Title: Nukes in Belgium: a short story
Post by: Koen on 28 July 2009, 21:11:41
The presence of U.S. nuclear weapons in Belgium on the B.AF. base of Kleine Brogel was never confirmed by any official instance but...

We all know they are there...when I did my time at Kleine Brogel there was a small area where American soldiers worked and lived.

Why? There were no US material at Kleine Brogel, they weren't involved in daily operations so???

During the last years there were many protests against the presence by groups and certain politicians.

When our new Minister of defence did a serious 'slip of the tongue' when he was asked about it the first time (good job bud) he ofcourse gave the anti-groups a present.

More and more politicians are talking about forming a political studygroup who will work on a demand for a resolution.

Not so easy, forming a resolution against something that's officialy not there  milboom !!!

Unofficially there would be 20 B-61 bombs at Kleine Brogel. Nicknamed 'Silver Bullets'.(see link)

GRIP, a studycenter, released a note about the nuclear arsenal of the NATO stating that there are 5 European countries with nuclear weapons stored being Germany, Italy, Holland, Turkey and Belgium.
A total of 240 B-61 bombs would be stored in these countries at the present date.

Between 2005 and 2008 the US government withdrew some 180 nuclear weapons from the European territory, all this in highest securitylevel.
Most of them came from Ramstein (Germany) and Lakenheath (UK)

Unconfirmed sources say that some 1265 B-61 bombs are stored worldwide on military bases.

Aircrews were ordered to call the B-61 bombs 'Silver Bullets' or 'external loads'.

source: Belgian newspaper 'De Morgen' July 28th 2009

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