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Title: News flash november, from the military industrial complex 2010
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Recent and future programs for Indonesia:

KF-X fighter plane, procurement and development together with South korea, estimated 2020.
SU-27 figther planes, first bought in 2007, 3 more delivered this year up to the number of 15.
MI 8 helicopters, 8 heloes bought as a part of a loan from Russia ( repaid in 2015)
Hawk fighters, bought from the UK 16 aircraft
Maintanance for the C 130 by Singapore
Submarines delivered by Russia
6 x 6 armored vehicle also with help from South Korea, only known detail, a 70 mm gun
F-16 and C130s from the US, talks underway for the delivery of these aircraft.
Plans for 24 utility and 18 attack helicopters to be licensed made in Indonesia, talks underway with Bell.

The first 29 female officers graduated this month in Afghanistans army.
The women will not serve in frontline units but will be send to logistic, medical and other non combat units.
It was in the 1980s that women were allowed to serve in the army under the communist regime  before the day the Taliban took over power.

Rheinmetall has been awarded a new contract for the Heron 1 UAS to allow its use by the Bundeswehr for the coming 2 years.
German forces in Afghanistan operate two types of UAS  including 3 HERON 1.

The first C-5M GALAXY was delivered by Lockheed on 30 september.
Lockheed will modernise a total of 52 C5's of the C and A models to this new configuration.
The program includes more than 70 updates including quieter engines allowing saving of 10% fuel.