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Title: News flash july, from the military industrial complex 2010
Post by: stoffel on 14 July 2010, 23:17:05
Has been awarded a contract of $35 million by 2 foreign( unknown) customers.
The deal comprises delivery of the firms intel/surveillance and communications payload for UAV's.
These includes: Synthetic aperture radar, eloctronic intelligence/ communication intelligence/ LOS Datalink and satcom.

Spain ordered the SAPHIR-M decoy system for their Eurocopter TIGER HAD attackhelos.
The deal has been made with Indra Sisternas.
The decoy provides protection against the full threat spectrum, like: IR and electomagnetic guided missiles.
Saphir-M has also been choosen by Germany, Australia and France

Spain also ordered another batch of the Lince 4x4 carrier, the deal includes 50 vehicles with a pricecard of 15,8 million US dollars.
The vehicle is made by IVECO.
The Spanish army already has 120 LINCE of which 98 are on duty in Afghanistan.

Patria received an order for the Advanced real-time Intelligence System(ARIS) Elint.
The client is not made public nor the total number of sytems.
Its the first time ARIS has been ordered.