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Title: News flash august, from the military industrial complex 2010
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-The USAF has granted the C130 AMP approval to begin production.
(Avionics Modernisation Programme )
It will include an integrated , nightvision goggle compatible, digital glass cockpit, and new avionics to increase situational awareness.First two aircraft are sceduled for induction in august and octoberat Warner Robins Air logistic center (GA)
-Bell helicopter Textron has been awarded a contract for manufacturing and delivery of Lot seven UH-1Y and AH-1Z choppers for the marine corps.
The deal includes 18 x UH-1Y, 9 AH-1Z (refitted and refurbished) but also 2 new build AH-1Z
Delivery is sceduled for 2013.


The first ac of a series of 17 CC-130 (C-130J) landed at 8 WING TRENTON (Ontario) on june 4th, six months ahead of scedule and under the budgetcosts.
4 more ac will be delivered this last quarter of the year, the last one is sceduled for late 2012.


Mexico received 4 new refurbished EXPLORER helicopters from MDH.
Not only did the choppers receive a complete check up but they were also updated to operate as SAR heli.


The Swiss government approved an amendment on the 2010 programme.
70 MOWAG Duro protected carriers have been ordered, the deal is worth 122 million swiss francs.
The Swiss army allready ordered 220 vehicles in 2008 worth 396 million swiss francs


On 1 july 2010 the French airforce celebrated the first flight of a RAFALE fighter equiped with the new ASMP-A air to surface nuclear cruisemissile.
From that day the missile is now officially in use with the airforces RAFLES.
The ceremony was held at Saint Dizier airbase in Northern France home of 1/91 Gascogne squadron.
The missile was already in use on the Mirage 2000 since 2009.


-Finland ordered 1 additional C295 tactical transport aircraft from Airbus.
It will join the two aircraft already in service since 2007.
-The first 6 PILATUS PC12 aircraft are handed over to the Finnish airforce
The ceremony was at the manufacturors HQ in Switserland, the orders were signed for in 2009.
Delivery of the remaining aircraft continue throughout 2010.


The Australian defense material organisation has signed a deal with SAAB AB for the delivery of the GIRAFFE radar for urgent use in Afghanistan.
The deal includes 2 systems.
The radars will support the mortar and counterrocket battery in Uruzgan provence.