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Title: Ministry of Defense Video for Spanish National Holiday
Post by: Rattler on 10 October 2010, 14:00:35
As our Spanish National holiday tomorrow, OCT 12, coincides with 20 years of the Spanish Armed Forces operating outside of Spain the Spanish Ministery of Defense has taken the opportuinty to launch a rather sympathetic video spot picturing the Forces and their work and achievements.

The basic setup is always the same: A situation that gets solved and a civilian who salutes the troops in question (humanitarian help in Haiti, fighting piracy on the seas, helping estinguishing vast wood fires, training of police officers in Kosovo and Afghanistan, etc.).

The final text, translated as good as possible; the last phrase has consciously been formulated to be ambiguous (in brackets): "Every day our Armed Forces win the admiration and respect of thousands of persons. Their achievements are (made by) for all."

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