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Title: Veterans Situation
Post by: Rattler on 30 June 2011, 12:23:28
How is it in your country (with reference to Iraq and The Stan)? Does this gewt studied? Reported? What is the setup from a Social Security POV in your country?

Here an excerpt from a study published by IAVA (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America) ( (highlights by me):

Every day, 18 veterans of the nation’s armed forces become casualties by their own hands. One thousand more attempt to take their own lives every month. The numbers are as grim for active duty and reserve soldiers: The Army just reported 27 suspected suicides for the month of May, higher than any other month this year.

Here in Spain the numbers are lower, but still heartbreakingly significant. At least each vet here has the right (and without much paperwork in practice) to access to therapy with a personal shrink. Probably family structure and nationality helps here also (the mayority of "Spanish" soldiers over there are Columbian or Equadorian).


Title: Re: Veterans Situation
Post by: FACman on 11 July 2011, 20:25:20
I saw this post when it first came up, and have long been contemplating a response. It seems that I have yet to cross the barrier that keeps me from speaking to this subject, so I will instead shed a little light on one aspect of the program and link this story that ties into it. Otherwise, I do not have the emotional energy to address this thread atm. (