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Title: SWC again
Post by: Rattler on 19 November 2008, 19:14:37
As MadRussian checked out the history section over there (I didnt, following other sub forae) and found it useful,

There are some very interesting discussions on that site. The history section of the site is loaded with information about small wars.

Great Stuff.

here again, this time the overall view, it is heavily and dstrictly monitored, but I guess htat is normal for such a volume of information...:

NOTE the total forums map, truly impressive (w/ sub forums) and there is something for everyone:

  • The Small Wars Community of Interest

    - The Whole News: Post and debate the news; good, bad and ugly. News ignored by the mainstream media especially welcomed here.
    - Blog Watch: Seen something good on a blog lately? Let the rest of us know about it, and share your thoughts.
    - Miscellaneous Goings On: Events, books, new analyses, heard on the street notables, etc.
    - RFIs & Members' Projects: Looking for something? Float your question here, and see what the community has to say in response.
    - Small Wars Council / Journal: Suggestions. Praise. New developments. Complaints. Praise. Tips & Tricks. More praise.

  • Members Only Forums

    - Tell Us About You: Who are you and what do you do?
    - The Kitakidogo Social Club: Swahili for smallwars. Gather 'round the fire, grab a G&T, clean your guns, and solve the world's problems. Nothing is off-topic, but the ROE still apply. Relax, let the threads wander, but not your values.
    - The Non-Virtual Community: In the spirit of the 3Bs of deep thinking -- basements, bars, and backyards; this forum is to facilitate local get-togethers.
    - Jobs & Job Seekers: Employment in the extended Small Wars community. Threads expire after 60 days.

  • Small Wars Participants & Stakeholders
    - Trigger Puller: Boots on the ground, steel on target -- the pointy end of the spear.
    - Military - Other: Echelons away from the trigger pullers, from operational art and theater logistics to service combat development to just plain FOBbits.
    - Government Agencies & Officials: War zone governance, and in-country political, economic, development assistance.
    - War Zone Citizen: Those who put the I in indigenous.
    - NGO & Humanitarian: Non-government delivery of services and relief of suffering
    - Adversary / Threat: One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. Talk about (or with?) them.
    - Media, Information & Cyber Warriors: Getting the story, dealing with those who do, and operating in the information & cyber domains. Not the news itself
    - The Coalition Speaks: Too often, coalition means them and US. Talk about US, and working together.
    - Law Enforcement: The application of law, order, and justice -- here, there, and everywhere / international.
    - PMCs and Entrepreneurs: Applied capitalism. Making money in the war zone, and the issues that go with it.
    - Social Sciences, Moral, and Religious: Applying the soft sciences and higher laws.
    - Politics In the Rear: National will and developments back home for the intervening nations.   
    - Historians: The practice of history, and historical analysis. See FAQ for where to discuss history relevant to other forums.
    - Futurists & Theorists: Future Competition & Conflict, Theory & Nature of Conflict, 4GW through 9?GW, Transformation, RMA, etc.

  • Conflicts -- Current & Future

    • Global & General
      - Global Issues & Threats: Trans-national issues and actors. Culture and the Clash of Civilizations.
      - International Politics: Nations, Their Interests, and Their Competitors.

    • Operation Iraqi Freedom
      - Iraqi Governance
      - US Policy, Interest, and Endgame
      - Who is Fighting Whom? How and Why?
      - The Information War
      - Catch-All, OIF

    • Other U.S. GWOT

      - OEF - Afghanistan
      - OEF - Horn of Africa
      - OEF - Philippines
      - Catch-All, GWOT

    • Other, By Region

      - Middle East
      - Central Asia
      - South Asia
      - Asia-Pacific   
      - Africa   
      - Americas
      - Europe

    • Military Art & Science Applied
      - Doctrine & TTPs: Enduring doctrinal principles, what really works now (or not), and the TTPs that deliver them.
      - Training & Education: Developing effective, thinking, proficient Small Warriors.
      - Equipment & Capabilities: Relevant capabilities and equipment are table stakes for winning those hearts and minds.
      - FID & Working With Indigenous Forces: Training, advising, and operating with local armed forces in Foreign Internal Defense.
      - Strategic Compression: The compression of roles and effects. The Strategic Corporal meets the "turn left" National Security Advisor.
      - Intelligence: What do we know, need to know, and how do we get there?
      - It Ain't Just Killin': Applying influence, working with civil and private agencies, dealing with non-combatants.
      - Catch-All, Military Art & Science