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Title: Memorial Day has passed...
Post by: Rattler on 29 May 2009, 00:44:28
... and, fine with me, nobody has posted anything. In many other forums the usual flag wavers went berserk (which I find disgusting, as they obviously *need* a day for flag waving and ignore vets all other days except "Veteran Day"...).

Here someone who not just pays lip service: ( (map download).

Google Earth developer Sean Askay ( ( has put together something truly remarkable for this Memorial Day: It is called “Map the Fallen,” and it uses Google Earth to honor the more than 5,700 American and Coalition servicemen and women that have lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The map, Askay explains, “will connect you with each of their stories—you can see photos, learn about how they died, visit memorial websites with comments from friends and families, and explore the places they called home and where they died.” It’s beautiful, informative — and heartbreaking. Go check it out, now. (Mac users: Be sure to install the latest version of Google Earth.)

Interesting and moving,


Title: Re: Memorial Day has passed...
Post by: Koen on 29 May 2009, 09:58:48
true...I wanted to but couldn't find the time to post something complete...

As said before.... ( ...we need extra help!