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Title: Drum Corps, anyone?
Post by: Rattler on 3 May 2009, 22:58:27
havent found any drum and bugle corps stuff, but as I find those equally entertaining and fascinating as dril corps/plns, here gors my favorite drum corps:

The Top Secret Drum Corps (Basle, Switzerland); they are for drum corps what the USMC Silent Drill Corps are for drills: Founded in 1990, they set the standard, both in precision as well as in their show layout, and this with between 15-20 new drummers and a new show every year...

3 takes over the last years, all from various Tattoos, the commentary only spoils a few secs and then keeps still (turn your volume up and submerge in their magic rhythms):

The 2003 Show: (

As incredible as it might sound, but they managed to top that performance with The 2006 Show: (

Last, the 2007 Show (from two angles, first is the overview from a 90 degree perspective to the main performance axis, the 2nd version shows it all up close and in the axis), a very diffrent approach, but - I had the chance to see them perform live with it - a real "thriller" (pun intended):

2007 Show at Berlin in Overview, 90 degrees to main axis (turn volume down a bit) (

2007 Show at Basle in the rain, front and close up (turn volume back up) (