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Title: Commanders in court?
Post by: Koen on 11 September 2010, 09:55:04
The parents of 2 Dutch soldiers, killed in Afghanistan by friendly fire on January 12 2008, have plans to take the fieldcommanders to court.
The parents idea is that "you just don't kill 2 soldiers standing on a roof that easily".

The incident was already investigated and it was judged that the complete situation was handled correctly by following the 'rules of engagement'. The fighting was during nighttime and in complete chaos.
The 2 soldiers were hit by a cannon from a friendle AFV.

Who were they?
20-year old soldaat eerste klasse Wesley Schol and 22-year old korporaal Aldert Poortema. Both were of 44th pantserinfanteriebataljon at Havelte.

Maybe Stoffel can tell us if it is possible/easy in Holland for parents/wifes/husbands to learn about the circumstances their son/husband was killed (in action)?
Do people need to start an official case to learn more or can they get info just by asking?

info: (

Tribute (
Funeral Soldier Aldert Poortema (
Funeral Wesley Schol (

Every time I see videos like these it gives me a complete different view, here you see that these soldiers are more then numbers on a KIA list, they were young men, with families, friends and wifes.
No more good times for them, no more beers, no more holidays or familydinners.

Rest in Peace

Title: Re: Commanders in court?
Post by: stoffel on 11 September 2010, 18:39:13
Its sad to see this happens, but its typically Dutch behaviour.
Sign of the times to let every soldier bleed.
The death of these two men was a tragedy.

Many such accidents happen and happened during years/centuries of warfare.
The commanders themselves were not happy, they were devastated.
If we start going to go to court for each of these mistakes the end is a long way.
I saw some guys asking on another forum, if the mothers would have done the same if it were their sons killing a comrade.
Some thought it might be a cheap left wing political act.
Who knows.

Nothing can bring those guys back, bringing their co or groupcommander to court wont bring them back either.