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Title: 32 International Kurfurst, Jan Wellem Pokal, Dusseldorf germany
Post by: stoffel on 12 September 2016, 12:09:43
I was invited to this contest held last weekend 10/11th september 2016.
We arrived at friday, upon arrival we hit the bus to Dusseldorf centre for a welcoming party at the Meirs office.
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Meirs office.

Followed by a walk through Dusseldorf.
On saturday the shooting started.
There were teams from 8 NATO countries and two teams from the Chinese embassy, overall more than 200 shooters.
The competition was tough having military personal but also civilians from all kinds of shooting teams.
The competition started after a welcoming word from the German territorial army commander.
We had to shoot with 3 weapons.
MG3, G36 and the P8 pistol.

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Author with G36, MG3.

The results were very satisfying, my team ended 6th at the rifle, differences in points were minimal.
For me a great result with a foreign weapon I wasnt familiar with.
In the evening the day was closed with a BBQ at the territorial army HQ.
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End ceremony at HQ

A great experience.
I would like to thank all members of the German territorial army for their excellent work!

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From left to right, the German staff, my comrades and I, Belgian soldiers.