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Title: Stephen Goodman: a BIG boy!
Post by: Koen on 27 November 2010, 12:01:37
yes, another small one makes the headlines (see also (!/msg16435/#msg16435)
Boy's Mission: Thank All Troops Overseas with Greeting Cards
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PHOENIX - When it comes to homemade, thoughtful greeting cards, 10-year-old Stephen Goodman of Surprise can tell you a thing or two.

He's on a personal mission, making sure our troops know they're appreciated and he says there's no quitting until every service man and woman overseas receives one of his masterpieces. 180,000 total - talk about a tall task!

"I'm just doing it to make them feel good. Because it's not like anyone ever thanks them..maybe a couple people I just wanted to change that and make it one person higher." Stephen said.

The greetings inside are simple and from the heart. Stephen understands the overseas missions and that glorious word attached to them: freedom.

"This one says you're giving us freedom, 'cause they are..otherwise without them we wouldn't have freedom right now..other ones say thank you for serving our country because that's their choice and they're not forced to do it." said Stephen.

Stephen's grandfather, Manuel Noriega, helps out by doing most of the cutting. He doesn't mind though - he says something like this would've made his experience in Vietnam a bit easier.

"What he's doing right now..the troops will feel sure real good..just receiving something, knowing that somebody here cares about 'em. We never got nothing like this." said Noriega.

As time flies by, Stephen and his "ta-ta" as he calls him, will continue their good deed all summer long and boy, it sounds like it's going to take all summer long.

So the ribbon tying, writing and cutting will go on, as will the appreciation for our soldiers who are putting their lives on the line each and every day.

The cards will be dropped off at Luke Air Force Base, processed and sent overseas to the troops.

Boy's Mission: Thank All Troops Overseas with Greeting Cards (

Title: Re: Stephen Goodman: a BIG boy!
Post by: FACman on 27 November 2010, 16:57:23
A 'Big Boy', and a 'Small Hero'.