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Title: Eemnes party week
Post by: stoffel on 14 September 2011, 11:07:28
This week we celebrate that two small villages Eemnes binnen and Eemnes buiten) became 1 town Eemnes, 200 years ago.
All kinds of festivities are organized.
A big tent in the centre of the town near the small harbor is the startingpoint for all events.
It is here where a big party is organized for coming saturday evening.

I have participated in one of the events, a 4 km run in the polders through water ditches, canals and muddy grasslands.
I can tell you it was tough, it was wet and the water smells like garbage :)
In this youtube movie you see the different items from last saturday, and you see me running ( almost at the end)
Feestweek Eemnes 10-9-2011 (
And off course a picture of the marathon man in action :)