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Title: Dutch Stopped Santa Claus
Post by: Rattler on 26 December 2009, 21:49:56
Oh, the Dutch are *soooo* cruel! (

In a tragic story that could be mistaken for dark satire, police in the Netherlands shot dead four reindeer that broke free from a Christmas sleigh display in a park over the weekend. ...

As one of my friends had it, maybe they even where right (personally doubt so), it in the end is not the animals that did wrong:

Goddamn circuses. It's not the animals' faults they're tied up to some fat man and his sleigh only to have little kids running around and screaming and trying to poke them, while the mothers shoot insanely bright lights into their eyes for the sake of having a picture of their little tykes in front of the reindeer.

Anyway, luckily Santa made it her in the end.


Title: Re: Dutch Stopped Santa Claus
Post by: stoffel on 26 December 2009, 22:02:09
One sided messaging, could be very leftish stuff ;)

Whats missing ;)
Police tried for 4 hours to catch the animals, they tried everything in their might including anaestetics.
It didnt help, a doctor than decided to shoot them to avoid more accidents.