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Title: Again something wrong in America?
Post by: Rattler on 16 January 2011, 16:01:06
... and I apply "America" in the Anglosaxon/Central European sense, i.e. USA and not Latin America (which*is* "America for Southern Europe):

So, a new "Miss America" was selected (from my POV she should be Miss US), first time ever a chick from Nebraska, allegedly 17 years old...

Who the f... actually believes that? It is like cycling where everybody is doped, at those contests everybody got fake tits or hair or lips... F.R.A.U.D, and big time...

Check her sagging cheeks under the cheek bone, her hands, her wrinkles under the eyes, if she is 17 I am 30: At *least* (!) 4-5 years more... (and I would bet a bottle of champaign on that)

Here, supposedly 15 yrs old, and looking absolutely freaking different from the way she won yesterday (but older):

Miss Nebraska USA 2010 (

In this vid she is supposedly even only 16, on my honor as photographer, not even with the artificial hairdo removed, 19 might be OK, but none less (even then her cheeks started sagging):

Miss Nebraska gets New Hair! (

Now, we all know all those "Miss" contests area a big fraud (at least here in Europe, I guess it wont be much different in the States), but this years winner of the Miss US is at least 22+ years old (and I am courteous here), even though I have to credit here perfect piano playing skills for her supposed age as a plus...

Miss America 2011 Winner: Miss Nebraska Teresa Scanlan (