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Title: 1941 Mechanized Division
Post by: Mad Russian on 6 November 2008, 03:43:53
1941 Mechanized Division

Division HQ

Signal Battalion

Reconnaissance Battalion
Armored Car Company (15 AC's)
Light Tank Company (17 T-40)
Motorcycle Rifle Company (12 LMG, 3 x 50mm Mortar)

Tank Regiment
Regimental HQ (1 BT, 3 AAMG)
Five Light Battalions, each
Battalion HQ (3 BT)
Three Company's, each with 17 BT tanks.
Maintenance Company
Supply Company

Two Motorized Infantry Regiment, each
Signal Company
Reconnaissance Company (10 AC's)
AA Machine Gun Company (6 AA MG's)
Three Infantry Battalions, each
Three Rifle Companies, each (12 LMG, 2 MG, 3 x 50mm mortar)
Machine Gun Company (6 MG)
Mortar Platoon (2 x 82mm mortar)
Anti-Tank Platoon (2 x 45mm ATG)
Infantry Gun Battery (4 x 76mm Infantry Guns)

Artillery Regiment
Field Gun Battalion.
Three batteries, each (2 LMG, 4 x 76mm Guns)
Light Field Artillery Battalion
Three Batteries, each (2 LGM, 4 x 122mm How)
Heavy Field Artillery Battalion
Three Batteries, each (2 LMG, 4 x 152mm How)

Anti-Tank Battalion
Three Batteries, each (6 x 45mm ATG)
Anti-Aircraft Battalion
Two Light Batteries, each (4 x 37mm AA)
Heavy Battery (4 x 76mm AA)
Pioneer Battalion
Two Pioneer Companies
One PMP bridge Company

sources: "Red Army Handbook 1939-1945" by Steven J. Zaloga and Leland S. Ness