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Title: Go! Go! Go!
Post by: Rattler on 27 October 2010, 22:04:23
I had mused about posting this in the WaT Zoo, but I think it deserves a better place, hence here.

Mr. Gabriel Nderitu, from Kenia, is about to do something we all (or at least many of us, or some of us, at least in their sleep) have always wanted to do.

Whatever the outcome, my hat is off to (and all my best wishes go with) this gentleman who is actually realizing a dream (of his), something we all would want to be capable off so straightforwardly and then either fail straightaway or end up stuck in the muds of beaurocracy and simply give up.

Go! Go! Go! (errrhmmm, best after consulting with a good crew for double checking everything techwise - 6 month internet research maybe is a bit thin a base, but what the heck - , and a good sponsor to bribe your beaurocrats down there)! And: Fix the layout of and inflate this nose wheel tyre, please!

Hals- und Beinbruch (not sensibly translatable German aviator greeting), Mr. Nderitu!  iconclap  iconclap  iconclap  :champ:

Now, thats a MAN! Capitalized! (

Anybody can translate the Kishuaeli of the last third of the vid?


Title: Re: Go! Go! Go!
Post by: Rattler on 27 October 2010, 22:20:52
Kind of sad update after researching same TV station, Kenia is not what Spain once was:

Results from our news poll last night revealed that 70 percent of Kenyans are optimistic that a two seater aircraft, undergoing its final touches in Nairobi's Kahawa west estate will take off come next week when the innovator, one Gabriel Nderitu takes it for a test run in Kitengela.

Tonight, however we tell you why the aircraft may not be tested at all (ah, the beaurocracy! Luckily the Wrights just had to compete with other bike makers...):

In a statement to our newsroom, the civil aviation authority says that the law requires that all home built air craft are inspected, issued with a registration mark, and certified to be airworthy. In addition, the pilot must hold a valid license to fly the aircraft.

Go! Go! Go!


Title: Re: Go! Go! Go!
Post by: Koen on 28 October 2010, 19:17:33
incredible indeed, it shows the difference between 'worlds' on the same planet... when others go outside of the atmosphere these guys lust build planes with kitchen gear....