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Title: CMAK: Pathfinders
Post by: Koen on 24 February 2009, 19:42:51

A scenario of mine available at the Scenario Depot.

You are in charge of the first allied troops on June 6th 1944.

You just landed and your orders are very clear, set out the LZ and protect it until the paras land.

good luck

file attached

Title: Re: Pathfinders
Post by: FACman on 24 February 2009, 20:39:13
Disclaimer: This being my first review ever, it would best be taken with a serious dose of salt, never mind 'a grain'.

This was an enjoyable game to be sure, though by its nature (I am not a fan of the AI) I cannot imagine playing it again, due to the limitations imposed by the AI. The fact that the first time through is in the blind, adds an immense feeling of suspense to play. And from what I could see from what was thrown at me (ie; actually engaged) it was challenging as 3 of the 4 flags were contested. Fortunately, (I'd always rather be lucky than good) I sent the bulk of my reinf in the correct direction to blunt the main attack.

All in all, I would recommend it for that time when you are looking for a quick game,without a lot of set-up involved.

Title: Re: Pathfinders
Post by: Koen on 24 February 2009, 20:41:38