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Title: Russian Civil War Images
Post by: Alan65 on 15 November 2008, 00:22:39
Prisoner of War Life and Death

Snap shot of native Siberian or Chinese prisoner; "a Bolshevik?" is written on the back

German PoWs from WWI still in Siberia during US and other Allies occupation.  


German prisoner under guard AEF Siberia

Bolsheviks in Murmansk

Finally, these two grisly images, one labelled as Bolshevik looking at Czech dead and the other as Czech looking over Bolshevik dead!
"Czech soldiers above Bolsheviks below.  'Nuff said" written on back of this photo

"Czech victims in vicinity of Nicholoske"

Title: Equipment of the Russian Civil War
Post by: Alan65 on 15 November 2008, 00:53:14
Photos and postcards of some of the weapons of this conflict.

US camp and arms 'somewhere in Siberia' 1918/1919

Czech soldiers--the back of the photo says he's a "member of the Suicide Squad" holding a grenade in his right hand and bayonet in his left.

US Horse Transport troops, Vladivostok Russia, 1918

written on back: "Some of Semenoff's Cossack men twice traitors. They have now truned against the Allies. 1918"  Whoever they are, they have a nice machine-gun on that tripod!

British machine-gun nest "a few miles from Vladivostok" according to the back of this photo.

Postcard showing British sergeant training Americans (I believe) with a machine gun. this postcard was mailed from North Russia and bears censor markings and a postmark from the British occupation of same.

Czech Legion Armored Cars on train, Siberia

Gun and 'armored' train captured from Bolsheviks, "inland from Vladivostok"

US Marines using the "latest type of machine or automatic gun";  this is from the same group of photos that showed the AEF Siberia; some of these troops came from the Philippines, however, and this particular image may be in the Philippines

US sailors man a field gun.  (this picture may also be in the Philippines where many AEF Siberia troops initially came from.)

there is a machine gun on the far right in this image; the back says "machine gun in action/ Vladivostok 1918".  The men do not all look like they are 'in combat' but some do look ready for anything.

British sailors helping mount a 6" gun from the HMS Suffolk onto a railroad car for use inland, according to writing on the back of this photo.

US truck transport, Vladivostok Siberia, 1918

Title: A Soldier's Life
Post by: Alan65 on 15 November 2008, 01:15:06
Here are some photos of 'the other part' of soldiering:

A Czech band plays during the US disembarkation of the troop transport Sheridan, Vladivostok.

This warehouse on a Vladivostok dock was used as a gym, then a theatre and finally a hospital by the AEF Siberia.  Czech wounded/sick and a few US soldiers and sailors.
Must have been crowded or very hot to have the hospital cots outside!

Bathing Beach, Vladivostok.  written on back, "First two runways for women, the third is for men.  Most go in without bathing suits and think nothing of it."

US Marine camp 'somewhere in Siberia', 1918.  Name may be on building in background; it looks like "Posolavo" or something like that.

"Chow time!"

US soldier and a Russian boy in foreground, watch German PoWs unload the US transport Sheridan in Vladivostok harbor. (The US soldier pictured here refers to "I" on the back; he is the one who took most of thise snapshots in this section.  I do not know his name.)

US soldiers didn't have to walk everywhere they went. . .

Title: More of "A Soldier's Life"
Post by: Alan65 on 17 November 2008, 02:52:39
"Christmas Greetings--Siberia 1918"--a card sent home from US troops staioned in Vladivostok and points west along the Trans-Siberian railway.  I love the bleakness and the sentiment!

Another image from the 27th Infantry; this shows two US Servicemen--a lieutenant and his driver--inside the US Army telephone exchange shop "somewhere in Siberia".

Title: Re: Russian Civil War Images
Post by: Rattler on 14 September 2009, 18:29:59
Impressive collection, Alan, somehow had missed it until now.


Title: Re: Russian Civil War Images
Post by: Jilly on 15 September 2009, 01:25:28
Amazing photos.  A good collection.

Title: Re: Russian Civil War Images
Post by: Alan65 on 16 September 2009, 05:59:55
Thanks Rattler and Jilly.  These are hard to find but it amazes me that American, Canadian, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, French forces occupied Russia and fought for years against Russians (both Red and White).  Throw into the mix Russian peasants who mostly wanted to be left alone, and former PoWs from Germany and various Austro-Hungarian nationalities and you have one interesting, mixed-up conflict. I'll work on getting more images posted (I have some money, too, and if it's not already in the 'Banknotes of War' section, I'll get them up soon.)

Title: Re: Russian Civil War Images
Post by: Alan65 on 9 August 2012, 22:55:14

A Czech troop train located somewhere in Siberia.  The Czech Legion was 'trapped' on the Trans-Siberian railway.  They had been taken prisoner by the Russians while fighting for Austria-Hungary.  When Russia left WWI, they were to be freed except that these Czechs would have gone home to fight for Czech independence against Austria-Hungary. 

One of a soldier's favorite times of the day.