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Title: Kidon, Welcome!
Post by: TechAdmin on 24 October 2013, 16:20:52
Hi and welcome here from the tech department.

If you have problems to work the forum software, our "HELP" button up there within the tabs should usually get you going.

For special questions you might want to check the Wat Tech Section in the forums (http://www.warandtactics.com/smf/wat-tech-info/ (http://www.warandtactics.com/smf/wat-tech-info/)), many more questions are answered there.

Should all this not be enough do not hesitate to post a question there or pester me any time with a PM.


Title: Re: Kidon, Welcome!
Post by: Rattler on 24 October 2013, 16:32:27
Same from here.