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Title: Interesting Concept: U.S. Army Alternate Enlisted Rank System
Post by: ChuckAnderson on 20 November 2011, 08:25:12
Hi Everyone!

Usually the "Interesting Concepts" that I post are in the "Aerial Equipment" section, but there are interesting concepts in insignia of rank as well.

Presented here is an interesting concept showing an alternate enlisted rank system for the U.S. Army, perhaps for a future time.

All of the insignia themselves are now "permanently incorporated" on a rectangular patch, simplfying attachment to the proper position on the uniform, especially when sewn on.

There are two (2) grades of E-1, (one being that of Recruit, used ONLY in Boot Camp).
First Sergeant is now a specialty open to all NCO ranks (E-5 to E-9), and open to Specialists of equivalent rank (Specialist-5 to Specialist-9).  Unlike in the present U.S. Army, Specialists (from Specialist-4 to Specialist-9), are NCO's and can command.

Chuck Anderson
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