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Title: Camerone
Post by: SeanG on 28 September 2009, 11:31:18
30th April
Very important day in the Legion.

Title: Re: Camerone
Post by: Koen on 28 September 2009, 11:35:39
please confirm: (

The Battle of Camarón occurred on 30 April 1863, between the French Foreign Legion and the Mexican army. In this battle the French Foreign Legion made its legend. A small infantry patrol led by Captain Jean Danjou, Lt Maudet and Lt Vilain, numbering 62 soldiers and 3 officers was attacked and besieged by a force that may have eventually reached 2,000 Mexican infantry and cavalry, and was forced to make a defensive stand at the nearby Hacienda Camarón, in Camarón de Tejeda, Veracruz, Mexico.

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Title: Re: Camerone
Post by: SeanG on 19 October 2009, 17:50:00