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Title: North Korean change of power
Post by: Koen on 12 June 2009, 15:52:07
Rumours and newsflashes are becoming more and more frequent:

Kim Jong-Il, 67 years old will step down as leader of North-Korea. Intel states that he suffered from a stroke august 2008.
His youngest son Kim Jong-un would be his follow-up. Kim Jong-un is estimated 24 or 26 years old and by North-Korean standards very young to become the leader.
Kim Jong-un on an old picture, there are no official pictures
He will be the 3rd Kim, after his father Kim-Jong Il and his grandfather Kim Il-sung, who died in 1994.
Kim Jong-un is the son of Kim Jong-Il's 3rd marriage with Ko Young-hee, his mother who died in 2004 in a carcrash.
Kim Jong-un has 2 brothers, Jong-Nam, 37 and Kim Jong-chul who is described as 'too manered and womanized'.
Jong-Nam, 1st in line, is out of grace due to his attempt to enter Japan with a Dominican passport, rumours say he wanted to visit Disneyworld.
Kim Jong-un is described as physically strong and, as his father, a large consumer of alcohol. Rumours are that he went to college in Bern, Switzerland where he also learned German and English. Intel says that he will be elected leader of the Korean Workersparty which makes him leader de facto.
The recent military show-off would be a sign of power of Kim Jong-Il to the North Korean elite to make them clear who's in control and preparing the way for an easy transfer of power.

Title: Re: North Korean change of power
Post by: Rattler on 12 June 2009, 18:40:31
Interesting, thanks for sharing.