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Title: Worldwide manhunt seeks Belgiums Most Wanted in the UK
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The UK charity Crimestoppers, in partnership with Crime Stoppers International (CSI), has added two fugitives wanted for murder charges to the list of individuals sought as part of the worldwide hunt for criminals on the run.

Rouf Uddin, Belgium's most wanted fugitive and Anthony Carl Prestidge, wanted by Australian authorities are both wanted for separate murder charges and have been added to Crimestoppers UK's Most Wanted list.

Name: Rouf UDDIN

Born: 10/12/1975 in Dhaka, Bangladesh


    * ABDU, Salm b06/06/1973
    * ABDUS, Salam b06/06/1973
    * AHAD, Khan b06/06/1973
    * MOHAMMED, Khan b06/06/1973
    * SALAM, Abdul b06/06/1973
    * UDDIN, Akbor b15/01/1971
    * UDDIN, Akhor b15/01/1971

Offences: Wanted by the Belgian Authorities for extradition for murder. He has been convicted in his absence of the crime and has been sentenced to 30 years imprisonment. He is Belgium's most wanted fugitive.

UDDIN is wanted by the Belgian Authorities for the murder in November 2002 of a 32 year old young mother, Malika SOUSSI, in Ixelles in Belgium. Her body was found in a large pool of blood and her throat had been cut.

UDDIN is suspected to have entered the UK in the back of a lorry through Dover in December 2002 stating that his name was ABDUS. Fingerprints later proved him to be UDDIN. He claimed asylum and later disappeared. His current location is unknown.

Countries likely to visit UK, France, Belgium, Italy, USA and Bangladesh. He is believed to have access to a Bangladesh passport.

source: (

Alleged killers said to be in UK
Rouf Uddin and Anthony Prestidge
The two men are wanted for murder

Two men wanted on murder charges have been added to the Crimestoppers list of wanted foreign fugitives believed to be hiding in the UK.

Rouf Uddin, 33, accused of killing a young mother in Belgium, vanished after entering the UK on the back of a lorry at Dover and claiming asylum in 2002.
The second fugitive is Anthony Prestidge, wanted for the murder of his brother-in-law in Perth, Australia.

The charity now has 18 fugitives on its website whom it is trying to trace.

'Vital role'

Belgian police are hunting Uddin over the death of a woman who was found with her throat slashed in November 2002.

They believe Uddin, who was jailed for 30 years in his absence, may have started a new life in a Bangladeshi community.

He has family ties in Bow and Plaistow, east London, and may have travelled in France, Italy, the United States and Bangladesh.

Meanwhile, Prestidge, a 48-year-old Briton, is suspected of killing Andy Ball after learning of his sister's marital problems before fleeing Australia in 2002.

Crimestoppers founder Lord Ashcroft said the two men should not be given a "safe haven" in Britain.

He said: "Information from the public can help play a vital role in helping law enforcement track down these criminals and send them back to the country they are wanted in to face justice."

Meanwhile one of the suspects on the list published last month, Hungarian Balazs Asztalos, 25, suspected of raping a four-year-old girl, has been captured.

Title: Re: Worldwide manhunt seeks Belgiums Most Wanted in the UK
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Monsieur Jean-Claude!!