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Title: to kill
Post by: Koen on 7 January 2010, 22:36:51
January 2nd a burning car was reported to the police next to the highway towards Brussels.

Police found a small car (Opel Corsa) with 1 body in the trunk and 1 body on the backseat.

They were identified as a young couple of lovers.


Both were executed with gunshots, afterwards the car was put on fire with accelerators.

2 Days later the police arrested their neighbour. 1 Day later he confessed to the killings.

Police is now trying to find out 'why', 'was he alone', 'where is the gun' and more...

the couple bought their car a good month ago in the garage I work
the small town is a few km's away from where I work
most of our staff knows those people
all our clients are known with the families

it's a very strange atmosphere at work.

just wanna'd to share this

map: Loksbergen is marked, the road I work is Diestersteenweg next to yellow diagonal road,+Limburg,+Vlaams+Gewest&ll=50.943449,5.086241&spn=0.046672,0.104628&z=14 (,+Limburg,+Vlaams+Gewest&ll=50.943449,5.086241&spn=0.046672,0.104628&z=14)

Title: Re: to kill
Post by: Rattler on 7 January 2010, 23:32:57
What a fucked up and horrible situation!

Plz keep us updated, still trying to understand whackos, whatever it might serve for... :(


Title: Re: to kill
Post by: Koen on 9 January 2010, 12:12:54
latest update: he's now officially been arrested since he confessed his crimes to the judge.

2 Years ago an 18-year old girl disappeared in the same area. Her mobile phone's signal was last located at the antenna IN that area.

So police is now looking for any clue that would connect him to this older crime.

And in 2006 another girl disappeared in a town some 20km's away without a trace, this crime is also under investigation.

Title: Re: to kill
Post by: Koen on 11 January 2010, 13:14:26
short update: it's confirmed that he also killed the girl that disappeared 2 years ago in the same area.

we officially now have a serialkiller