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Title: Grandma Battles Robbers
Post by: Rattler on 8 February 2011, 09:11:21
A 70+ years old lady yesterday, February 7, 2011 fought off six robbers that attacked a jewlery store in an attempt to smash-and-grab in Northampton, UK. Her weapon: A handbag. The result: Four men between 20 and 40 detained, two of them injured, the lady unharmed.

The Association of British Robbers has already issued a communique in which they ask for the "immidate and unecivocal" ban of handbags on the streets of the island: "You never know in whos hands those weapons end up, its, like, you cant work anymore if it goes on like that" arguments an anonymous street criminal. "Where is the world coming to? I mean, grannies? With handbags?" comments another resignitively.

Indeed, this lady was not the only one: Only in the first month of 2011 five attempted robberies were frustrated by grandmothers with handbags, canes, brooms or flower pots, and the concern of the authorities is growing: Street criminality is a major source of income for the economically challenged, and elderly ladies that use anything as a weapon are having a big impact on it.

Here the Northampton video, watch the lady in red that comes running up the street on the right side of the vid:

Elderly lady fights off jewel shop robbers (

And here some of the other shocking cases:

75 Year Old Woman Beats Up Robber! (

Grandmother Fights Off Robbers with Broom (