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Title: China begins work on world's longest cross-sea bridge
Post by: Koen on 16 December 2009, 22:42:51
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China has begun constructing a bridge to link southern Guangdong province, China's main manufacturing hub, with Hong Kong and Macau.

When completed by 2016, officials say it will be the world's "longest sea-crossing bridge" - spanning nearly 50km (30 miles).

One branch of the bridge will reach Zhuhai in Guangdong province.

The bridge will substantially cut driving times as China tries to make the region a global economic centre.

"Through a more convenient and fast transport network, Hong Kong's financial, tourism, trade and logistics and professional services can become better integrated with the Pearl River Delta and the surrounding areas," said Donald Tsang, Hong Kong's Chief Executive.


Low-cost manufacturing is concentrated in Guangdong, but the bridge will make the less developed western parts close to the gaming centre of Macau more accessible.

The bridge will be a six-lane expressway that can handle earthquakes up to magnitude 8.0, strong typhoons and the impact of a 300,000 tonne vessel, said Zhu Yongling, one of the officials leading the project.

Thirty-five kilometres of it will be over water.

Driving times between Zhuhai and Macau to Hong Kong will be cut from three hours to about 30 minutes.

The estimated cost will be $10.7bn (£6.5bn), to be shared between Hong Kong, Macau and mainland authorities.

Environmentalists have objected that the bridge will affect the marine ecosystem of the Pearl River Delta and further endanger the rare white dolphin.

Mr Zhu said the environment and marine life would be protected during construction.

Hong Kong and Macau were returned to China as autonomous regions after being ruled as colonies by Britain and Portugal.


after reading this I get mixed feelings:

1. during the 'Climate' meeting in Kopenhagen China declares the build of the longest seabridge
2. with the majority of the country still living in the middle-ages China builds another megaproject


1. bridges means cars, cars instead of boats and planes. how will this reflect on the environment? I agree that a plane is VERY enviromental unfriendly BUT is it better to replace that plane of f.e. 300 people by 150 cars? And that boat with 1000 people? Another 500 cars added?

2. I ask myself, how many houses could be build with that money? How many people could be helped with their mini-firm, their farm, their family?


Dunno, I could be wrong ofcourse but whenever China comes in the news I get a very bad feeling...

What do YOU think of this project?

Title: Re: China begins work on world's longest cross-sea bridge
Post by: Rattler on 16 December 2009, 23:50:36
...with the majority of the country still living in the middle-ages...

Any sources for this claim?

IMHO China is now the fourth world leading nation as far as economy, science, development and wealth distribution goes.

IIRC all leading studies performed during the last 10 yrs give it, together with India and US, first world status within 20 yrs, by when EU (according to the same studies) will have dropped to 2nd world status, despite nukes.

Also IIRC China - together with India again - is the world leader in micro.credits, helping specifically small business.

The cars, and the associated environmental impact, well, we knew that when VW was contracted to build factories over there to produce two thousand million cars for them 12 yrs ago until 2030? Didn´t we applaud it as a major job factor for Europe? Wasn´t there the discussion "how can you deny the Chinese what we have"?

Well, here we go... as predicted...!

Ready for incoming.


Title: Re: China begins work on world's longest cross-sea bridge
Post by: Mad Russian on 17 December 2009, 18:28:46
So what then? You keep the Chinese as a fourth world country?

If Sweden had said they are building a bridge between them and Denmark would the response be the same?

The Chinese have come a tremendous distance. I think if we want them to be good neighbors you invite them into the neighborhood. Let them do things too.

Besides, it's obvious they are trying to change and it's also obvious you can't stop them from doing a single thing they want to do.

Good Hunting.