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Title: Josias von Heeringen, German General, Prussian Minister of War
Post by: Alan65 on 18 September 2012, 17:01:52

Still from that same lot of postcards I've been sharing here gradually, this is Generaloberst von Heeringen.  Josias von Heeringen (1850-1926) had a long military career which looked like it might end with him serving as Prussia's Minister of War from 1909-1913.  WWI changed that and he commanded the Seventh Army from August 1914 to 1916.  He won the Pour le Merite for his leadership at the Battle of Mulhouse.  He finished out the war serving as a coastal defense commander. After the war he was president of the Kyffhäuserbund, a sort of organization for all German veteran organizations.

He looks very much the part in this image!