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Author Topic: Allied Operations during World War 2 List  (Read 31497 times)
Mad Russian

« on: 8 February 2009, 06:58:26 »

World War II Allied Operations


ABERCROMBIE British and Canadian troops attempt landing on French coast at Hardelot
ABERDEEN Code name for Chindit stronghold near Manhton, Burma
ABIGAIL Plan for series of RAF bombing raids against designated German cities; ABIGAIL-JEZEBEL Bremen, ABIGAIL-RACHEL Mannheim and ABIGAIL-DELILAH Dusseldorf December 1940
ACCOLADE Seizure of the Dodecanese
ACROBAT Planned British operation to advance from Cyrenaica to Tripoli 1941
AGREEMENT Unsuccessful British attack on Tobruk by sea and land in an attempt to destroy Axis supply depot and port installations
ALAMO Code name for the task force for operations in New Guinea
ALPHA Plan to defend Kunming and Chungking
ALPHABET Evacuation of Allied troops from Narvik May 1940
ALSOS Allied special intelligence force's mission to collect information about German nuclear fission developments
AMBASSADOR British commando raid on Guernsey July 1940
AMSTERDAM Allied supply operation to Slovak and Soviet partisans at Tri Duby September 1944
ANAKIM Plan to recapture Burma
ANKLET Lofoten Islands raid 1941
ANTHROPOID December 1941 Allies drop 2 Czech agents near Pilsen for the eventual assassination of SS leader Reinhard Heydrich in May 1942
ANVIL Plan for the invasion of southern France--see later DRAGOON
APOSTLE Allied return to Norway May 1945
APPEARANCE Landings in British Somaliland by Indian battalions March 1941
ARCADIA Code name for the Washington Conference December 1941-January 1942
ARCHERY British commando raid on Maloy, Norway sinking German transport ships December 1941
ARGONAUT Code name for the Malta and Yalta Conference January-February 1945
ARGUMENT Plan for US air operations against German aircraft factories, February 1944
ARIEL Evacuation of allied troops from Western France 1940
ATLANTIC Canadian element of GOODWOOD
AVALANCHE Invasion of Italy at Salerno 9 September 1943
AVONMOUTH Allied expedition to Narvik May 1940
AXIOM Code name for the mission sent to London in February 1944 to urge CULVERIN


BACKFIRE German V2 rocket launched under British direction at Altenwalde October 1945
BACKHANDER Code name for the task force to conduct operations on Cape Gloucester on the island of New Britain
BARCLAY Plan to induce the Axis to give priority to maintaining and reinforcing its forces in southern France and the Balkans
BARKER French parachutists land at Salornay to disrupt German retreat August 1944
BARRACUDA Unfulfilled plan for an airborne and amphibious assault on Naples
BASALT British commando raid on the Channel Island of Sark October 1942
BATTERING RAM RAF fly shuttle of French Resistance members to France September 1943
BATTLEAXE British offensive June 1941 which failed to recapture Tobruk
BAYTOWN British invasion of Italy at Reggio di Calabria mounted from Sicily 3 September 1942
BELLICOSE British bombers attack steelworks at Friedrichshafen and fly on to Algeria. On return flight they bomb Italian naval base at La Spezia June 1943
BETA Plan to open a port on the coast of China
BIRDCAGE Airborne leaflet drop on POW camps announcing Japanese surrender
BITING British parachute troops capture radar equipment at Bruneval near Le Havre February 1942
BLACK Pre-World War II plan to occupy Dakar
BLACKCOCK British XII Corps operation to clear the German salient between the Meuse and Roer-Wurm Rivers from Roermond southward
BLACKPOOL Code name for Chindit roadblock on the railroad near Namkwin, Burma
BLISSFUL US Marine landing on Choiseul in Solomon Islands October 1943
BLOCKBUSTER Plan for Canadian II Corps offensive in the Calcar-Udem-Xanten area
BLUEBOTTLE Evacuation of British P-O-Ws from beach near Perpignan September 1942
BLUECOAT XXX Corps offensive in Normandy July 1944
BODYGUARD Revised name for JAEL after supposed security compromise
BOLERO Plan for offensive operations against Germany on the European mainland and for the build-up of US forces in the UK 1942
BOSTON Southwest Pacific Area of Operations plan to occupy and construct an airfield in the Abau-Mullins Harbour region of New Guinea
BOWERY HMS Eagle and USS Wasp send 62 fighter aircraft to Malta May 1942
BRASSARD Plan for operations against the island of Elba
BREASTPLATE Unfulfilled plan for a seaborne attack from Malta against Sousse
BREVITY British attack against Rommel at Halfaya Pass
BREWER Plan for operations in the Admiralty Islands
BRIMSTONE Unfulfilled plan for the capture of Sardinia
BROADWAY Code name for a drop site about fifty miles northwest of Indaw, Burma, used to resupply the Chindits
BRUTUS Special Air Service drop behind German lines near Yvoir to help local Belgian resistance September 1944
BUCCANEER Unfulfilled plan for the amphibious capture of the Andaman Islands
BUFFALO Operation to break out of the Anzio beachhead
BULLBASKET Special Air Service team parachuted into Poitiers region to hamper German rail traffic June 1944
BUNKUM British operation to land 6 men by submarine on Middle Andaman Island for reconnaissance of Japanese defences
BUTTRESS Unfulfilled British operation against the toe of the Italian peninsula involving landings at Goija staged from North Africa


CACTUS Operation to capture Guadalcanal (a part of WATCHTOWER)
CALENDAR Operation to deliver 47 fighter aircraft to Malta from USS Wasp, most of which were destroyed in an air-raid after landing
CAMEL Code name for the task force for the invasion of southern France built around the 36th Infantry Division
CANNIBAL Unsuccessful British attempt to recapture Burmese port of Akyab March 1943
CAPITAL Plan for the attack across the Chindwin River to Mandalay
CAPRI Plan for an attack against Médenine
CARBONADO Plan to open a port on the coast of China (revised BETA)
CARPETBAGGER Operation to airdrop supplies from the United Kingdom to patriot forces in western Europe
CARTWHEEL Operations to capture the Solomon Islands, New Britain, and New Ireland involving convergent operations from the South Pacific and Southwest Pacific Areas of Operations targeted against Rabaul
CASANOVA Diversionary operation by the 95th Infantry Division during operations against Metz
CATAPULT British plan for seizure of French fleet at Oran
CATCHPOLE Plan for operations against the Eniwetok and Ujelang Atolls in the Marshall Islands
CATHERINE British plan for forcing a passage into the Baltic to aid Poland
CAUSEWAY Plan to capture Formosa which was not executed 1944
CENT Code name for the beaches at Scoglitti, Sicily
CENTREBOARD Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima August 1945
CERBERUS Code name for the Channel dash by the German warships Scharnhorst and Gneisnau
CHAMPION Plan (late 1943) for a general offensive in Burma
CHARACTER Allied Commando force attack Japanese positions and provide intelligence in Burma April 1945
CHARIOT British naval and Commando forces raid St Nazaire to seriously damage dry dock
CHARNWOOD Assault by I Corps on Caen July 1944
CHASTISE 617 sqdn RAF attack Ruhr Dams May 1943
CHATTANOOGA CHOO CHOO AEAF operations against German train movements in France and Germany
CHEERFUL US and French attack on Germans trapped in a pocket at Colmar February 1945
CHERRYBLOSSOM US Marines land on Bougainville November 1943
CHESTNUT Code name for four airborne missions sent by Montgomery in an effort to reinforce his army in Sicily with airborne troops
CHICKEN Plan to set up an evasion line for Allied airmen through Hungary and Yugoslavia
CHRONICLE Operation to capture Woodlark Island and Kiriwina
CLARION 9,000 Allied bombers attack targets throughout the Third Reich continuously over a 24 hour period February 1945
CLAYMORE British naval raid on Lofoten Islands to capture German naval Enigma machine
CLEANSLATE Operation to occupy the Russell Islands
CLIPPER British XXX Corps offensive to reduce the Geilenkirchen salient
COAT British naval reinforcements sail from Gibraltar to Egypt
COBRA Plan for the First Army's operation designed to penetrate the German defences west of St. Lô and secure Coutances, France July 1944
COCKADE Part of allied deception plan to convince Germans that the invasion of Europe would not take place in Normandy. Brittany, Northern Norway and the Pas de Calais were all phantom objectives 1944
COCKPIT Aircraft from British warships attack Japanese port and oil installations on Sabang Island, Sumatra July 1945
COLLAR British merchant naval vessels sail from Gibraltar to Malta and Alexandria
COLOSSUS British parachute drop on viaduct in S.Italy
COMPASS Offensive operations in the western desert
CONJUROR Special Operations Executive fly 6 agents to Angers, France November 1943
CORKSCREW Conquest of the island of Pantelleria June 1943
CORNCOB Allied bombers three day attack on bridges across Rivers Adige and Brenta in Italy April 1945
CORONET US contingency plan to invade the island of Honshu at the Tokyo plain 1946 See OLYMPIC and DOWNFALL
COTTAGE Recapture of Kiska 1943
COUNTENANCE British and Indian forces occupy Iran's southern oilfield region
CRICKET Code name for the Malta portion of the ARGONAUT Conference
CROSSBOW Operations by the RAF against German V-weapon experimental bases
CROSSROADS 1946 nuclear weapon test on Bikini Atoll
CROSSWORD Code name for a covert operation designed to lead to the surrender of Germany 2 May 1944
CRUSADER British and Commonwealth troops attack German line in North Africa December 1941
CUDGEL Unfulfilled plan for small-scale operations on the Arakan coast of Burma
CULVERIN Plan for the assault on Sumatra
CYCLONE Operation to capture Noemfoor 1944


DARLINGTON II Search by Allied patrol boats for escaped P-O-Ws along Italian coast May 1944
DEADLIGHT British naval authorities assemble and sink German submarines November 1946
DELTA Code name for the task force for the invasion of southern France built around the 45th Infantry Division
DEMON Evacuation of allied forces from Greece to Crete 1941
DEXTERITY Operations in western New Britain and Saidor
DIADEM Allied offensive in Italy May 1944
DIME Code name for the beaches at Gela, Sicily
DIRECTOR Code name for the task force for the invasion of Arawe in New Britain
DISCLAIM British force parachute near Sarajevo to assist partisan forces February 1942
DIXIE Code name for the US observer mission to the Chinese communists
DOVETAIL Rehearsal in Fiji of the operation to capture Guadalcanal and a lodgement in the southern Solomon Islands (a sub-task of PESTILENCE)
DOWNFALL Overall US contingency plan for the invasion of Japan in 1946. See CORONET and OLYMPIC
DRACULA Plan for an attack on Rangoon 1944
DRAGOON Final plan for the invasion of southern France (15 August 1944); code name was changed from ANVIL on 27 July 1944
DRYGOODS Logistical operation to mass supplies at Guadalcanal in February 1943
DYNAMO Evacuation of Anglo French forces from Dunkirk 1940


ECLIPSE New name given to Operation TALISMAN after a presumed compromise of security
ELKTON Gen. Douglas MacArthur's plan (not executed) for the capture of Rabaul
ENCLOSE RAF attempt to try to destroy German submarines in Bay of Biscay March 1943
ENCORE IV Corps limited objective operation against Mounte Belvedere February 1945
END RUN Code name for the task force built around the survivors of Task Force GALAHAD used for the drive on Myitkyina, Burma
EPSOM British offensive S.E. of Caen June 1944 See GOODWOOD
EUREKA Code name for the Tehran Conference, November 1943
EXCESS Aircraft reinforcements to the Middle East January 1941
EXPORTER British and Free French occupation of Syria 1941
EXTENDED CAPITAL British drive into Burma November 1944


FATIMA Code name for the Mason-MacFarlane Mission
FERDINAND Spurious British plan to attack Rome January 1944; part of JAEL
FIREBRAND Invasion of Corsica 1943
FIVESOME Codeword for the coordination of allied operations in the Southwest Pacific
FLASH Code name for attempt on Hitler's life March 1943
FLASHPOINT Ninth Army assault crossing of the Rhine as part of PLUNDER March 1945
FLAX Air operations to disrupt the flow of German air transports from Italy to Sicily and Tunisia
FLINTLOCK Operation to capture the Marshall Islands
FORAGER Operation to capture the Mariana Islands
FORTITUDE NORTH Spurious British plan to attack central Norway; part of JAEL
FORTITUDE SOUTH Spurious British plan to attack Calais; part of JAEL
FOURTH TERM IV Corps limited objective operation in the Serchio Valley February 1945
FRANTIC JOE (changed to FRANTIC) Allied Air Force shuttle bombing of Axis-controlled Europe from bases in the United Kingdom, Italy, and the USSR
FRY Operation to occupy four islands in Lake Comacchio, Italy


GAIN British SAS unit land by parachute near Orleans to cut railway lines Germans using to send reinforcements to Normandy June 1944
GALAHAD Code name for American long-range penetration groups in Burma
GALVANIC Operation to capture the Gilbert Islands and Makin
GANGWAY Unfulfilled plan for an unopposed landing at Naples
GARDEN Ground operations element of MARKET GARDEN See MARKET
GARDENING Allied bombers drop mines in the Danube near Belgrade April 1944
GAUNTLET Raid by British, Canadian and Norwegian forces on island of Spitzbergen August 1941
GIANT Unfulfilled plan for an air landing and airborne drop along the Volturno River near Rome September 1943
GLOBETROTTER US capture of Sansapor in New Guinea July 1944
GOBLET Unfulfilled plan for the invasion of Italy at Cotrone
GOLD Code name for the assault beach at Normandy assigned to British XXX Corps
GOLDFLAKE Code name for the movement of Canadian I Corps from Italy to the European Theatre of Operations
GOMORRAH RAF raid on Hamburg 1943
GOODWOOD British offensive south east of Caen 1944 See EPSOM
GOODTIME New Zealand troops land on Treasury Island part of Solomon Islands October 1943
GRAFFHAM Spurious British plan to attack central Sweden; part of JAEL
GRANITE Tentative plan for the capture of the Marshall Islands 1944
GRAY Pre-World War II contingency plan to occupy the Azores
GRAYLING RAF raid on Nuremburg March 1944
GRENADE Crossing of the River Roer by Ninth Army followed by a drive northeast to link with the First Canadian Army along the River Rhine February 1945
GROUSE Unsuccessful attempt to destroy German heavy water plant at Rjukan by commandos landing in gliders October 1942
GUNNERSIDE Second, this time successful, attempt to blow up heavy water plant February 1943
GYMNAST Plan for the Allied invasion of French northwest Africa 1941 See SUPER-GYMNAST


HADDOCK Unsuccessful attack by 99 Squadron RAF on Genoa and Turin by Wellingtons based in France June 1940
HAILSTORM US bombers destroy Japanese warships, merchant ships and aircraft on the Island of Truk February 1944
HAMMER Proposed Allied landing at Trondheim 1940
HANDCUFF British plan to seize the Island of Rhodes September 1943
HARDIHOOD Code name for Allied aid to Turkey in an effort to induce that nation to enter the war
HARRIER Proposed Allied attack on Trondheim 1940
HATS Passing of fleet reinforcements through Mediterranean and supply convoy to Malta
HUDDLE Operation to occupy Ndeni (a part of PESTILENCE)
HURRICANE Operation to capture Biak 1944
HURRY HMS Argus delivers fighters for Malta, flying off from Sardinia
HUSKY Allied operation to invade Sicily July 1943
HYDRA RAF raid on Peenemunde August 1943


ICEBERG Operation to capture Okinawa 1945
INDEPENDENCE French offensive towards Belfort, France
INDIGO Pre-World War II contingency plan for the reinforcement of Iceland
INFATUATE Allied operations to capture Walcheren Island 1944
INFLUX Plans for the allied invasion of Sicily 1941
INTERLUDE Code name for the rehearsal for the capture of Morotai
IRONCLAD British occupation of Diego Suarez Madagascar 1942
IRONSIDE Spurious British plan to attack Bordeaux; part of JAEL


JAEL Allied deception plans to mislead the Germans as to the reality of the Normandy invasion. See BODYGUARD
JERICHO RAF raid breaching the walls of German prison at Amiens thereby freeing French Resistance prisoners February 1944
JOSS Code name for the beaches in the Licata area
JUBILEE Anglo-Canadian raid on Dieppe 1942
JUDGEMENT Attack on Italian fleet at Taranto
JUNO Code name for the Normandy assault beach assigned to the Canadian 3rd Division
JUPITER Projected Allied invasion of Northern Norway


KAPUT American forces halt German counter attack south of Uelzen April 1945
KEELHAUL American and Polish troops forcibly repatriate Soviet citizens after release from Dachau January 1946
KENNECOTT Spurious British plan to attack southern Italy, Greece and Crete August 1942
KING TWO Operation to capture Leyte and the southern Philippines 1944


LANDGRAB U.S. attack on Aleutian island of Attu May 1943
LEOPARD Abandoned plan to deliver arms and supplies to Algerian Resistance November 1942
LEVER Operation in Italy to clear the area between Reno and the southwest shore of Lake Comacchio
LIGHTFOOT Initial phase of El Alamein offensive
LILLIPUT Operation to defend Buna 1942
LOINCLOTH Expedition by Chindits to sabotage Mandalay railway line in Burma February 1943
LONDON Phase line for XVIII Airborne Corps near Wesel, Germany
LUMBERJACK (February-March 1945) Converging offensive by First and Third Armies to create a pocket of trapped Germans in the Eifel
LUSTRE British transfer of forces from Western Desert to Greece 1941


MAGIC Signals intelligence derived from interception and decyphering of Japanese encoded message traffic
MAGNET Movement of the first US forces into Northern Ireland
MAGNETO Code name for the Yalta portion of the Argonaut Conference
MAILFIST Recapture of Singapore 1945
MALLORY MAJOR Allied air offensive against the bridges over the Po River
MANDIBLES Plan for operations against the Dodecanese 1941
MANHATTAN Cover name for atomic bomb project
MANNA British occupation of southern Greece
MANNA RAF bombers supply drop to the Dutch behind German lines in Rotterdam and the Hague April 1945
MARIE Occupation of Jibouti
MARKET Airborne operations element of MARKET GARDEN in Holland designed to facilitate ground force crossing of lower River Rhine See GARDEN September 1944
MARS Code name for the US task force in the China-Burma-India theatre of operations
MASTERDOM Allied occupation of French Indo-China
MASTIFF Medical aid to liberated Japanese
MENACE British operation against Dakar 1940
MERIDIAN British aircraft attack Japanese oil refineries on Sumatra January 1945
MICHAELMAS Code name for the task force for the seizure of Saidor on New Guinea
MIKE ONE Plan for the invasion of Lingayen Gulf
MIKE TWO Plan for the invasion of Dingalan Bay
MIKE THREE Plan for the invasion of Vigan
MIKE FOUR Plan for the invasion of Nasugbu and Balayan Bays
MIKE SIX Plan for the invasion of Batangas and Tayabas Bays
MIKE SEVEN Plan for the invasion of the Zambales coast
MILEPOST British and American aid to Russia April 1945
MILLENNIUM 1000+ RAF aircraft raid on Cologne 1942
MINCEMEAT Cover plan to divert attention from Operation HUSKY to make the Axis believe that Allied objectives were Sardinia and the Peloponnesus instead of Sicily
MINERVA Rescue by submarine of General Henri Giraud from southern France November 1942
MOLING Bomber Command sorties bombing specific German targets on a "Gee" fix through heavy cloud 1942
MONGOOSE US mission to set up Italian partisan intelligence network September 1944
MONTCLAIR Final name given to PRINCETON
MUSKET Plan for a projected landing in 1943 on the heel of the Italian peninsula near Taranto
MUSKETEER Basic plan for operation to liberate the Philippine Islands
MUSTANG Unfulfilled plan for an overland seizure of Naples after initial landings in Calabria


NEPTUNE Plan for the actual 1944 operations within OVERLORD; used for security reasons after September 1943 on all OVERLORD planning papers that referred to the target area and date
NEW GALAHAD Code name for American long-range penetration groups in Burma
NEW YORK XVIII Airborne Corps phase line in the Ringenberk-Krudenberg area in Germany
NICKELS Leaflet dropping by RAF on Germany 1939-1940
NOAH'S ARK Allied plan to harry German withdrawal from Greece and Balkans
NOBALL Allied air operations against German V-weapon sites 1944
NUNTON Allied cover and deception plan March 1944


OCTAGON Code name for the Quebec Conference September 1944
OLIVE Attack on the Gothic Line in Italy September 1944
OLYMPIC Contingency plan for the March 1946 invasion of the island of Kyushu. See CORONET and DOWNFALL
OMAHA Code name for the assault beach at Normandy assigned to V Corps
ORANGE Pre-World War II plan within the RAINBOW matrix for unilateral conflict between the United States and Japan; ORANGE 1 was approved in 1938, ORANGE 3 in April 1941
OVERCAST US plan to remove German weapon scientists from Europe to work in US
OVERLORD Allied cross-Channel invasion of northwest Europe 6 June 1944
OVERTHROW Spurious British plan to attack Calais and Boulogne August 1942


PANTHER British 10 Corps drive across the Garigliano River in Italy
PARAVANE Plan to operate 2 RAF squadrons from Russia to attack the Tirpitz in Norway 1944
PARIS XVIII Airborne Corps phase line west of Erle, Germany
PAUL British mining of approaches to Swedish port of Lulea May 1940
PEACOCK Shooting down of Admiral Yamamoto's aeroplane May 1943
PEDESTAL Relief convoy to Malta 1942
PERCH Unsuccessful two-pronged attack by Montgomery on Caen June 1944
PERFORMANCE Attempted breakout of 10 Norwegian merchant ships from Sweden, of which only two reached England
PERPETUAL Eastern Task Force reserve's landing at Bougie 11 November 1942
PERSECUTION Operation to capture Hollandia and Aitape April 1944
PESTILENCE Offensive operation in Guadalcanal and the southern Solomon Islands July 1942
PICADILLY Code name for a drop site for the Chindits in Burma
PIGSTICK Limited unfulfilled operation on the south Mayu Peninsula
PILGRIM Projected Allied operations to seize Atlantic Islands
PLUNDER 21st Army Group assault across the Rhine north of the Ruhr March 1945
POINTBLANK Bomber offensive against Germany from bases in the United Kingdom
POSTERN Operation to capture Lae-Finschhofen-Madang
PRIMROSE Royal Marine operations in Norway 1940
PRINCETON Plan for the reoccupation of the Visayas-Mindanao-Borneo-Netherlands East Indies area (later renamed MUSKETEER)
PROVIDENCE Plan for the occupation of the Buna area of New Guinea by Australian troops July 1942
PUGILIST-GALLOP Attack to outflank the Mareth Line in Tunisia 1943
PUMA Proposed British operation to seize Canary Islands 1941


QUADRANT Code name for the Quebec Conference August 1943
QUEEN 12th Army Group operation on the Roer plain between the Wurm and the Roer Rivers


RAINBOW Series of plans developed prior to World War II (each named with a colour); RAINBOW 5 was published in October 1941
RAINCOAT Assault on the Camino hill mass in Italy
RANKIN Allied plans for return to European continent. Rankin A was plan to return in advance of scheduled Normandy invasion. Rankin B plan to land in the event of German withdrawal from France or Norway. Rankin C plan in case Germans should unconditionally surrender
RAVENOUS Plan by IV Corps for the recapture of northern Burma
RECKLESS Operation to capture Hollandia 1944
RENO General Douglas MacArthur's plan for an advance along the northern coast of New Guinea to Mindanao
RESERVIST Code name for the seizure of vital points at Oran and the landing of Allied forces to prevent sabotage in the harbour
RETRIBUTION (April-June 1943) Plan to prevent Axis forces from reaching Italy should they attempt to evacuate Tunisia
RHUBARB RAF fighter command sweeps over English Channel and occupied French coastline late 1940 onwards
RINGBOLT Operation to capture Tulagi
ROAST Operation to clear Comacchio Spit, Italy
ROBINSON RAF Lancasters attack armaments factory at Le Creusot in France October 1942
ROGER Capture of Phuket Island of the Kra Isthmus in Burma
ROMEO Code name for the French commando force that landed at Cap Nègre
ROMULUS Arakan part of CAPITAL
ROOSTER Operation to fly the Chinese 22nd Division to Chihchiang
ROSE Operation in the Ruhr pocket April 1945
ROSIE Code name for the French naval force that landed southwest of Cannes during DRAGOON
ROUNDHAMMER Plan for a cross-Channel operation of a size between SLEDGEHAMMER and ROUNDUP
ROUNDUP Plan for cross-Channel operation 1943
ROYAL FLUSH Spurious British plan to attack at either southern Sweden,Spain or Turkey; part of JAEL
RUBBLE Norwegian merchant ships leave Sweden and reach Scapa Flow
RUGBY Code name for the airborne forces dropping behind the beaches during the invasion of southern France
ROYAL MARINE Plan to mine the River Rhine


SATIN Cancelled plan for II Corps to attack Sfaz, Tunisia December 1942
SAUCY Limited offensive to reopen a land supply route from Burma to China
SAVANNAH French paratroops attempt to blow up buses used by German airmen near Vannes
SCIPIO Attack by the Eighth Army at Akarit wadi 6 April 1942
SCORCHER British occupation of Crete after withdrawal from Greece 1941
SCUTTLE Bomber Command sorties by individual aircraft bombing German cities through gaps in cloud 1942
SEXTANT Code name for the Cairo Conferences (22-26 November and 3-7 December 1943)
SHELBURNE Allied escape organisation using motorboats between Dartmouth and Plouha January 1944
SHINGLE Amphibious landings at Anzio January 1944
SHRAPNEL Unfulfilled British plan to seize Cape Verde Islands should Spain enter the war on Germany's side and invest Gibraltar
SICKLE Cover name for build up of US 8th Airforce in Britain
SITKA Code name for the task force that captured the islands of Levant and Port Cros in the Mediterranean
SLAPSTICK British airborne landing at Taranto, Italy, mounted from Bizerte, Tunisia 9 September 1943
SLEDGEHAMMER Plan for a limited cross-Channel attack 1942
SOLO Spurious British plan to attack Narvik and Trondheim August 1942
SOURCE RN midget submarine attack on the Tirpitz in Norwegian fjord September 1943
SPRING Canadian offensive in Normandy coinciding with GOODWOOD and COBRA
STALEMATE Invasion of the Palaus
STAMINA Airlift of supplies to beseiged British and Indian troops at Imphal April 1944
STARFISH British deception plan to simulate the effects of marker flares dropped by Luftwaffe thereby luring German aircraft away from actual targets
STARVATION US Naval operation to mine waters around Japanese home islands 1945
STONE AGE Convoy of merchant ships reach Malta from Egypt November 1942
STRANGLE Air operations to interdict the movement of Axis supplies in Italy March-May 1944
STRATFORD Abandoned plan to send Allied forces to Finland
SUNRISE Unsuccessful RAF attack on German warships Scharnhorst, Gneisenau and Prinz Eugen at Brest and La Pallice July 1941
SUNRISE Negotiations with the German commanders in Italy in secret for surrender of German Forces May 1945
SUPERCHARGE Breakout by British XXX Corps in Egypt as part of Eighth Army's offensive in the Western Desert November 1942
SUPERCHARGE Revised plan for the assault on the Mareth Line in Tunisia March 1943
SUPER-GYMNAST Plan for Anglo-American invasion of French North Africa, combining US and British plans See GYMNAST
SURGEON German aviation experts brought to Britain to work for the RAF July 1945
SWALLOW Parachute drop by 4 Norwegians near Vermork to prepare for later GROUSE October 1942
SWITCHBACK Clearing the Breskens Pocket by the Canadian 2nd Army October 1944
SWORD Code name for the assault beach at Normandy assigned to British 3rd Division
SYMBOL Cover name for the Casablanca Conference 14-23 January 1943


TALISMAN Name for early plan for post-hostilities activities in Germany
TALON Akyab part of CAPITAL
TARZAN India-based portion of the general offensive in Burma
TAXABLE Plan for dropping of dummy parachutes near Boulogne and the dropping of strips of foil (window) to simulate an invasion fleet on German radar June 1944
TED Code name for a task force operating in the Aitape area of New Guinea
TERMINAL Operation in the harbour of Algiers 8 November 1942
TERMINAL Code name for the Potsdam Conference 16 July-2 August 1945
THREAT Plan for operation against Morocco after success of MENACE
THUNDERBOLT Offensive in the Metz area
THUNDERCLAP Allied air raid on Dresden 1945
THURSDAY Chindit operation 1944
TIDALWAVE Code name for the attack on Ploesti, Rumania, by heavy bombers 1943
TIGER Code name for one of the rehearsal exercises for OVERLORD at Slapton on English south coast
TIGER British naval convoy supplying 8th Army May 1941
TITANIC Dropping of dummy parachutes at Marigny by Allies June 1944
TOENAILS Operation to capture New Georgia
TORCH Allied invasion of northwest Africa November 1942
TOREADOR Airborne assault on Mandalay
TORNADO Operation to capture Wakde-Sarmi 1944
TOTALIZE Canadian 1st Army's attack towards Falaise 1944
TRADEWIND Operation to capture Morotai 1944
TRANSFIGURE Cancelled plan for airborne operations on the west side of the River Seine intending to block German escape routes
TRIDENT Cover name for the Washington Conference 12-25 May 1943
TRACTABLE Allied drive into Falaise with simultaneous westward thrust towards Paris August 1944
TULSA First outline plan by General Headquarters, Southwest Pacific Area, for operations aimed at the capture of Rabaul
TUNGSTEN British air attack damaging the Tirpitz in Kaafjord April 1944
TUNNEL British naval force attempt to intercept German merchant shipping by Channel Islands
TWILIGHT Plan to base B-29 bombers in the China-Burma-India Theatre of Operations
TYPHOON Operation to capture Sansapor-Mar in New Guinea 1944
TYPICAL Small British force parachute into Yugoslavia to assist Tito's partisans May 1943


ULTRA Signals intelligence derived from interception and decoding of German ENIGMA machine ciphers
UNDERTONE (March-April 1945) Offensive by Third and Seventh Armies to break through the West Wall and clear the Saar-Palatinate triangle (area within the Rhine, Moselle, and Lauter-Saar Rivers), and to secure a bridgehead east of the Rhine River in the vicinity of Worms
UTAH Code name for the assault beach at Normandy assigned to VII Corps


VARSITY First Allied Airborne Army operation for crossing of Rhine River in vicinity of Wesel, Germany, in support of PLUNDER 1945
VELVET Unfulfilled plan to base 20 RAF/USAF squadrons in Soviet Caucasus 1942
VENDETTA Spurious British plan to attack Marseille; part of JAEL
VERITABLE Canadian First Army operation to clear the area between the Maas and the Rhine February 1945
VICTOR I Operation in Panay and Negros Occidental
VICTOR II Operation in Cebu, Bohol, and Negros Oriental
VICTOR III Eighth Army operation against Palawan
VICTOR IV Eighth Army operation against the Sulu Archipelago and the Zamboanga area of Mindanao
VICTOR V Eighth Army operations against western Mindanao
VIGOROUS Attempt to resupply Malta incurring British naval losses June 1942
VITALITY Capture of South Beveland by the Canadian 2nd Army October 1944
VULCAN Final Allied offensive to clear Axis forces from Tunisia, particularly the Cape Bon area 6 May 1943


WALLACE British Special Air Service force carry out series of attacks behind enemy lines in France
WATCHTOWER Operation to capture Guadalcanal and Tulagi (a part of PERSECUTION)
WEDLOCK Spurious US plan to attack the Kurile Islands in northern Japan
WHIPCORD Revised plan for the invasion of Sicily 1942
WILFRED Mining of Norwegian coastal waters
WINCH Fighter reinforcement to Malta
WOP Opening attack by II Corps against Gafsa March 1943
WORKSHOP Operation to capture Pantellaria


YOKE Code word for all US organizations working with Y-Force in the China-Burma-India theatre of operations


ZEBRA Code word for US-sponsored Chinese division in east China
ZEPPELIN Spurious British plan to attack Roumanian Black Sea coast, Crete and the western coastline of Greece and Albania; part of JAEL
ZIPPER Plan for assault on Malaya 1945





"World War II Super Facts" by Don McCombs and Fred L. Worth
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