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Title: Wargaming and Military Toys
Post by: Legerspeelgoed.nl on 6 January 2020, 22:06:27
Hi all,

My webshop www.legerspeelgoed.nl (http://www.legerspeelgoed.nl) is now online and I (Bas) am busy to expand our collection and make it more diverse. The focus of the webshop is on military toys and games for young and old. For now, our collection consist mainly of historical military bricks sets of tanks, naval ships and airplanes of the brands Cobi and Sluban. In the coming period also military board wargames will be available. Tips or recommendations for other interesting army toys are appreciated. If there are any questions, just drop a message here or send an email to info@legerspeelgoed.nl. Also thanks for sharing this Stoffel!