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Title: Monument, Koninklijke Luchtmacht, Soesterberg (former airbase)
Post by: stoffel on 1 January 2017, 17:52:09
The Royal netherlands Airforce has a place to honour and commemorate fallen soldiers and airmen.
Its located near the national military museum just a few steps from the parking place overlooking the runway at the Former airbase Soesterberg.

(http://i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk307/minimischutter/th_20161226_141905_zpse6hw6xy9.jpg) (http://s283.photobucket.com/user/minimischutter/media/20161226_141905_zpse6hw6xy9.jpg.html)
View at the museum from the monument.

The monument has two sites.
The first site has a large statue with the airforce weapon on it, around it is a large plain where ceremonies can be held.
Every year on july 1 the airforce helds a ceremony here to commemorate the men.

(http://i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk307/minimischutter/th_20161226_141532_zps9dsppmk3.jpg) (http://s283.photobucket.com/user/minimischutter/media/20161226_141532_zps9dsppmk3.jpg.html)

The second part has a U shaped wall with the names of all fallen soldiers.
(http://i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk307/minimischutter/th_20161226_142006_zpsqygm0yt3.jpg) (http://s283.photobucket.com/user/minimischutter/media/20161226_142006_zpsqygm0yt3.jpg.html)
Several signs are placed along the route.
On one of them are the names of the pilots who died in the fighting of may 1940.
There is also a plaquette with the areas the airforce fought in.
(http://i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk307/minimischutter/th_20161226_141951_zpsf1w5hfcl.jpg) (http://s283.photobucket.com/user/minimischutter/media/20161226_141951_zpsf1w5hfcl.jpg.html) (http://i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk307/minimischutter/th_20161226_141622_zps0uewel91.jpg) (http://s283.photobucket.com/user/minimischutter/media/20161226_141622_zps0uewel91.jpg.html)

Worth a visit when you are going to the museum!