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Post by: Rattler on 13 November 2008, 00:07:59
As some ppl already might know, I am currently involved in the above mentioned MBX (Mail Based command post Exercise) as 3-15IN commander in Baghdad, you can join in as one side/two side observer via: http://www.opcon.org/SadrCity/

The MBX is experimental to evaluate a new system of database driven simulation represented via websites/GoogleEarth.

NOTE: TWO SIDE observers cannot contribute to any side in the MBX, as they will be able to see both RED and BLUE sides planning, ONE SIDE observers may chime in any time for the side they chose to observe (but won´t know more than BLUE/RED cdrs respectively, depending on which side they joined).

So far the insurgents are scoring (relative to 3-15IN) 2:0, trying to change that on the long run (the notoriously well known - evil!  :D - Bern Al Kusin being the RED cdr).

I am still recruiting, need some serious anthropologist with knowledge on Islam/Iraq bkgnd to help with COIN as well as a CTT commander for UT.

Apply via  PM to me.