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Title: MBX - Map for download
Post by: Rattler on 8 November 2009, 20:14:20
THe MBX map is ready for download.

It comes in three version (all in .bmp format):

- Full size (8 MB unzipped): http://www.warandtactics.com/mbx_public/MBX-Map.bmp.zip (http://www.warandtactics.com/mbx_public/MBX-Map.bmp.zip)
- 80% size (better for printing?): http://www.warandtactics.com/mbx_public/MBX_Map80perc.bmp.zip (http://www.warandtactics.com/mbx_public/MBX_Map80perc.bmp.zip)
- Overview (should fit one one page): http://www.warandtactics.com/mbx_public/MBX-Map-Overview.bmp.zip (http://www.warandtactics.com/mbx_public/MBX-Map-Overview.bmp.zip)

Online I have posted a fairly compressed .jpg version to be viewed from your browser (but you will need patience, about 45 secs loading time if you are on cable): http://www.warandtactics.com/mbx_public/MBX-Map.jpg (http://www.warandtactics.com/mbx_public/MBX-Map.jpg)