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Welcome to War and Tactics, the forum for discussions of warfare through the times.

Hello Guest, welcome to the War and Tactics (WaT) forum, have a look around!

'War and Tactics' is dedicated to 2000+ years of warfare and history.

It was our goal to create a site where everybody can find and share information about armed conflicts and other historical events from the past and the present.
Today, we can say that this is a succes.
This site now has a large data base open to everybody.
All members can post information.
We invite you to keep working on our site together with us, we can use every help we can get for our project to grow larger and larger.
(click on the "Forum" button above to see what we have already, or where to post your insights
If you have any information about a certain time period, OOB's, Armies, Battles, Equipment, anything else regarding war, wartime or war related stories, you are gladly invited to register and share it with us.
Apart from being a database the site also acts as a forum, all members can give comments, feedback or additional information to every topic.
This can be a political item, subject related about specific stuff mentioned above or just fun. (We urge you to keep it civil please, read our rules first. Moderators frequently check topics and will react if needed.)

If you have doubts and/or questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Happy new year to all our members, readers and visitors!
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LOl, yes it does, where do you want to start Smiley
6 December 2020, 10:48:26
Hi, just checking in, want to see whether we can update the site (hasn´t been touched for 10 years)... I see that the shout box sorks, thats a start.. :-)
19 October 2020, 15:50:53
Dear viewer, I d like to ask your attention for an item about veteran care, read more here: http://www.warandtactics.com/smf/war-conflicts-general-discussion-area/m-management/
20 May 2020, 12:14:57
Welcome Strtec, You can find a lot of information here!
18 May 2020, 02:13:01
 Hi I am new here, just looking around .I am into military history and the what if, if different decision or direction had being taken. I believe a lot of Military his history is the end product of chance with a little bit of luck
13 April 2020, 11:39:10
Welcome Little Richie!
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Hoi Leger speelgoed, Welcome on board!
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