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 on: 24 May 2017, 23:23:47 
Started by stoffel - Last post by S-1

Twenty-two people were killed and 59 wounded in a blast at the Manchester Arena on Monday night right after a concert given by Ariane Grand.
Most of the wounded in hospital are badly injured.
The attack took place in the hall where people were waiting for their friends and children.
Many victims were children, the youngest 8 years old.

The bomb was detonated by a Libyan, named Abedi Salman.
Abedi's father Ramadan has reportedly been arrested in Tripoli, Libya.
Abedi's younger brother Hashem has also been arrested in Tripoli both for having connections with Daesh.
Abedi was a suspect but governmental sources said he wasnt believed to become a suicide bomber.

Police are investigating all known friends and familymembers of Abedi and are combing out Manchester.
Meanwhile 5 people have been arrested in the UK so far.
The first to be arrested was a man in Chorlton, Manchester.
He is believed to be Abedi's older brother Ismail.
He remains in custody.
3 more men were arrested in south Manchester on Wednesday morning.
A 5th suspect, believed to be carrying a package, was on Wednesday afternoon.

Prime minister May reacted by raising the threath level and calling up over a 1.000 soldiers to assist police.
The parliament was closed and changing of the guards at Buckingham palce was canceled to.

 on: 17 May 2017, 16:59:42 
Started by stoffel - Last post by stoffel
At Volkel airbase a man was arrested today by military police officers.
He was busy taking pictures on the base.
The man entered the base as an employee of a construction company.
Personell warned the base authorities about the man.
The man had a prior conviction for terrorism (he was convicted for trying to join Daesh)

An MP spokesman said the man had no intent to commit a crime at the base......

 on: 2 May 2017, 16:02:45 
Started by stoffel - Last post by stoffel
may 2, 2017,

In Sint Oedenrode ( Brabant, south Netherlands) a Somalian male has been arrested.
The AIVD (Homeland security) charged him for terrorism, he is a member of Al Shabab in Somalia.
He was arrested when he visited a friend, the friend himself was taken into custody as well.
He was released later because their was no direct evidence to link him to Al Shabab.
He remains a suspect for now.
In a local newspaper the man claimed to be no terrorist. Quote: "I never spoke with him about Terrorism", according to the second suspect.

 on: 22 April 2017, 10:07:56 
Started by stoffel - Last post by stoffel
Paris, Champs Elyssee.

A man stopped his vehicle next to a police van and opened fire with an AK killing 1 and wounding two officers and a tourist.
He was shot dead by a fourth officer.
Police started a manhunt to find another suspect but this man proved to be innocent.
IS immediately claimed responsibility.

The killer, named Karim Cheufri, had a message from IS.
He was a known criminal and was allready convicted twice for attempting to kill police officers.
Allthough he was radicalized police had no knowlegde of that fact.
Investigations are launched to find out why the man wasnt on the terrorist list in France.

 on: 12 April 2017, 16:43:44 
Started by stoffel - Last post by stoffel

Soccerteam Borussia Dortmund was the target for a new terrorist attack on tuesday.
3 explosions rocked the bus the players were in.
They had just left their hotel on the way to the stadium for the Champions League match against AS Monaco.
The explosives were placed around the hotel.
The tires and the windows of the bus were completely destroyed.
Defender Bartra was injured by glass and suffered from a broken wrist.
One of the escorting police officers was also injured, he is still in hospital.
The supporters had to stay in the stadium untill all safe sign was given by the police.
The Monaco fans sang songs and clapped their hands in support of the Dortmund team, many could stay with German supporters who organized beds for French supporters so they could be able to watch the game on wednesday.

Responsiblility has not been claimed but many believe islamic based terrorists are responsible, some blamed right-wing hooligans.

Police found a letter near the justice department in which the writers claimed to have been responsible for the attack.
The letter started with the words: 'in the name of Allah', the writer stated that all famous Germans would be targeted unless the Germans stopped with their military support to the coalition and he also demanded Rammstein airbase being shut down.
Police didnt give more details about the letter and its origine.

Wednesday morning a suspect was arrested with islamic appearance, this proved to be ...how surprising.... a 25 year old Iraqi.
The guy wasnt responsible for the attack but he proved to be the leader of a gang in Iraq that kidnapped and killed people, he remains in custody.

Uefa and Fifa officials reacted in shock.
Barcelona, Bartras former club, spoke friendly words in support of the Spanish international.

21 april,

Police said they now have arrested the man responsible, it is a 28 year old Russian, Sergej W.
His motive was financial. With the attack he hoped the stocks for the soccerclub would go down so he could make a profit.
More details were given, the man used 3 explosive devices filled with metal pins attached to the gate at the hotels entrance.
They were set off with a remote control, he had a room in the same hotel. Detail, the guy did not know when Borussia had to play so he booked for a week......
The shrapnell hit the bus but because they were placed to high fortunately they didnt do much harm to the players and the staff in the buss.

 on: 18 April 2017, 16:51:35 
Started by stoffel - Last post by stoffel

Police reported they have arrested two IS symphatisants today.
The men who have been arrested are aged 23 and 29, the police was on the lookout for the men.
One of them had been in prison before and radicalised in prison.
Secretary Fekl said the men had plans to attack high priority targets during the upcoming French elections this weekend.
After searching the suspects houses police found weapons and materiel to make explosives.

 on: 9 April 2017, 15:00:13 
Started by stoffel - Last post by stoffel

Police found an explosive in the centre of Oslo, some areas were sealed of by the police.
1 man is taken in custody, a 17 year old Russian citizen known to have extremist islamic ideas.
He was spotted near the subway station and was arrested by police officers because of his suspicious behaviour.
EOD personell blew the bomb up, it wasnt a very heavy device.

Norway escaped today.

 on: 9 April 2017, 14:58:03 
Started by stoffel - Last post by stoffel
Latest news.

Swedish police spokesman said today the terrorist was on the run for police.
His asylum request was rejected, he should have been removed from the country.
With him 5 more suspects have been arrested.
The 4 deadly victims came from Belgium, UK and Sweden (2).
10 injured are still in hospital, 4 of them are in a serious condition.

 on: 8 April 2017, 13:27:46 
Started by stoffel - Last post by stoffel
A terrorist targeted young children as he drove a hijacked lorry into a crowded shopping street in Stockholm, witnesses claimed to a reporter after fleeing the scene.
Infants’ buggies were sent “flying through the air”, one Swedish broadcaster reported, as the vehicle zigzagged along the pedestrianised Queen Street shopping district and crashed in the window of a department store.
“It drove from left to right. It didn’t look out of control, it was trying to hit people,” a second witness claimed. “It hit people, it was terrible. It hit a little buggy with a child in it, demolished it.”
Swedish police said on Saturday morning that they believe a 39-year-old suspect was behind the truck attack which left four dead and 15 injured, but declined to comment on reports that the suspect was a father-of-four from Uzbekistan.
The unnamed suspect reportedly confessed to the attack after being detained in Marsta, which is around 25 miles north of the Swedish capital.
Some reports suggested he had previously posted jihadist propaganda on his Facebook page and had images of people injured in the explosion at the Boston marathon in April 2013.
Police found explosives in the truck used in the attack in Stockholm, Swedish television said on Saturday citing multiple unnamed police sources.
Eight victims, including children, remain in hospital, according to Swedish media. Three of the victims died at the scene, a report said, while one died after arriving at the hospital. 
Sweden’s prime minister, Stefan Löfven, said everything indicated the incident was terrorism.
It happened less than two weeks after the Westminster Bridge attack and stirred up memories of the attacks in Nice and Berlin where Islamist sympathisers used lorries as weapons – a tactic first suggested in a 2010 directive from al-Qaeda commanders to their supporters.
The attack also came less than two months after Donald Trump provoked a row with Sweden after suggesting that immigration had led to rising crime in the country.

 on: 29 March 2017, 23:00:06 
Started by Mad_Russian - Last post by freeagent6
25th ARVN Infantry Division had the 25th Recon Company...did not have a Recon Battalion.  I kick around in the Division 1/50th, 3/46th & 25th Recon Co. Feb69 thru Aug71.

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