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 on: Today at 23:00:06 
Started by Mad_Russian - Last post by freeagent6
25th ARVN Infantry Division had the 25th Recon Company...did not have a Recon Battalion.  I kick around in the Division 1/50th, 3/46th & 25th Recon Co. Feb69 thru Aug71.

 on: 9 March 2016, 16:06:02 
Started by stoffel - Last post by stoffel

Hungary april 1945

Bastogne, Belgium january 1945

Kurk, Russia july 1943

France, Normandy 1944

Somewhere in Russia, a soviet T60 in the background

My guess 5 Lei brigade in Lybia MK IVD or E


Sources, books, FB, internet,Tankhunter

 on: 23 March 2017, 17:33:41 
Started by S-1 - Last post by stoffel
A day after the bloody car attack in the UK police and soldiers managed to prevent another such attack in Antwerpen, Belgium.
The assailant known to have a criminal record, a French Moroccan named Mohamed R. drove towards the cities most famous shoppingcentre (the Meir) at high speed.
However all pedestrians managed to avoid being hit by his car.
An army patrol at the scene reacted at once, the soldiers tried to stop the attacker. The coward fled right away probably after spotting the soldiers.
Shortly after his escape the man was arrested by Antwerpens police.
According to a police spokesman many weapons were found in the car among them knives and a riotgun.
Belgiums security was allready on high alert, and according to the meir additional security measures have been declared after this incident.


 on: 23 March 2017, 13:10:18 
Started by stoffel - Last post by stoffel

Yesterday afternoon a man armed with a knife drove with his car into a crowd of people walking across Westminster bridge.
Behind him he left 29 wounded ( 7 in critical condition) and 2 deads.
He than tried to reach the parliament buildings where he stabbed an unarmed policeofficer (48 year old PC Keith Palmer, who had 15 years of service with the parliamentary and diplomatic protection service. He was a husband and father)
Shortly after which he was killed by armed policemen responding to the emergency.
Another identified victim is Aysha Frade, 43, who worked as a teacher in London. A mother-of-two riginating from Spain.
Among the wounded were students from France and the UK, tourists from Korea, Australia, Romania and Germany.
One of the victims was rescued from the water, its unclear if she fell or jumped into the water.
Investigators say they believe they know the identity of the attacker, and that he is thought to have acted alone but was “inspired by international terrorism”. They are investigating possible associates.
This morning police conducted a raid against suspected adresses, arresting 8 people.

More to follow....

 on: 19 March 2017, 13:20:43 
Started by stoffel - Last post by stoffel
Orly airport,

Two soldiers patrolling Orly airport in Paris have shot a man dead after he tackled their female colleague to the floor and tried to take her weapon, according to French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian.
He tackled the woman and was able to grabb her gun, he used her as a shield. When he rose up a little the other soldiers got a chance to shoot him.
The man, a known criminal named Zyian Belgacem, had earlier in the day opened fire on a police officer during an identity check in the northern Paris suburb of Garges-les-Gonesse, according to Interior Minister Bruno Le Roux. He was stopped by an officer for traffic violations. At some point he unarmed the policeman and shot him. The officer was only slightly injured.
Then, Paris police said, he stole a woman's car at gunpoint. It was found near Orly.
Police did not immediately provide a motive or identify the attacker, though the Paris prosecutor's office said he was 39 and had a record of robbery and drug offenses.
The office said he did not appear in a French government database of people considered potential threats to national security.
The prosecutor's office said its anti-terrorism division was handling the investigation and had taken the attacker's father and brother into custody for questioning.
Francois Hollande, the French president, praised the courage and efficiency of troops and police following Saturday's incidents.
In a written statement, Hollande reaffirmed the state's "determination to act without respite to fight terrorism, defend our compatriots' security and ensure the protection of the territory".

 on: 17 March 2017, 00:56:11 
Started by Sempai - Last post by sempai
All setups sent for RUSSIAN BORDER 1941 scenario! Except to YAMA since I have currently no opponent for him. I try to convince someone I know. But that could last a bit.


 on: 9 March 2016, 16:02:04 
Started by stoffel - Last post by stoffel

Hungary 1945

Germany, Cologne 1945

Elst, Netherlands sept 1944

Belgium, Ardennes 1945


Normandy, France june 1944

Russia, Kursk july 1943

 on: 11 June 2009, 19:32:18 
Started by Koen - Last post by Koen

Italy/Sicilia 1943

Italy 1944


France, Normandy june 1944

Netherlands, Elst september 1944

Russian tank ace

Unknown location

 on: 9 March 2016, 16:13:05 
Started by stoffel - Last post by stoffel

France 1944

Hungary, april 1945

Belgium, Ardennes 506th

Russia 1945

 on: 13 March 2017, 01:06:53 
Started by stoffel - Last post by stoffel
Essen, Oberhausen,

Due to a terrorisme alert a large mall in Essen, Germany was closed by the police.
A thorough search was conducted, the mall is safe now but remains closed untill monday.
An estimated 60.000 people visit this mall with over 200 stores and restaurants every weekend.
Police spokesman told the press that 2 men have been arrested in Oberhausen.
1 at a house in that town and another in an internet cafe.
They had contacts with a foreign member of IS according to the police, this man gave the order to set off a bomb in Essen.
He also provided a guide how to make a bomb.

Its the third time since 2016 that Essen is a target.
In april 2016 two Turks attacked a Sikh wedding with a bomb causing 3 injured people and a policeman was stabbed in his neck some weeks later.

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