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 on: 4 April 2020, 17:07:10 
Started by stoffel - Last post by stoffel
France, Romans sur Isere,

2 people killed, 7 inured 2 of them severe, attacked by another follower of the religion of "peace".
This goes on even in times of trouble!

The attack started in the towns centre. The first victim was a man, his throat cut while his wife and child were watching!
After that the coward entered a tobacco store, a butchery and a supermarket where he cut multiple victims before the police could stop him.

The town lays in the south of France close to Lyon.
The coward responsible is assumed to be 32 years old and came from Sudan.
He shouted the well known Allah Akbar and asked for the police to shoot him, instead he was arrested Bedroefd

 on: 6 January 2020, 22:06:27 
Started by Legerspeelgoed.nl - Last post by Legerspeelgoed.nl
Hi all,

My webshop www.legerspeelgoed.nl is now online and I (Bas) am busy to expand our collection and make it more diverse. The focus of the webshop is on military toys and games for young and old. For now, our collection consist mainly of historical military bricks sets of tanks, naval ships and airplanes of the brands Cobi and Sluban. In the coming period also military board wargames will be available. Tips or recommendations for other interesting army toys are appreciated. If there are any questions, just drop a message here or send an email to info@legerspeelgoed.nl. Also thanks for sharing this Stoffel!

 on: 6 January 2020, 16:22:45 
Started by stoffel - Last post by stoffel

Police shot and killed a man with a knife.
The man, a Turkish criminal, with a long history of violent crimes assaulted a policecar with a stick.
When the officers came closer to arrest him he threatened the officers with a knife.
During the assault he jelled Allah Akbar.
The officers were than forced to shoot the man.

 on: 5 January 2020, 11:18:15 
Started by stoffel - Last post by stoffel
Paris subburb,

In a park at Villejuif a man (Nathan C. 22) stabbed several civilians.
2 of them are seriously wounded, 1 of the victims died of his wounds.
The attacker was swiftly identified and shot to dead by police officers.
Allthough at first the police spoke about a 'mentally disturbed' person they now say it was a terror attack.
After searching his house they found a plan for the attack, and many items that belong to islam.
Witnesses also claimed the man shouted Allah Akbar.

My thoughts go out to the victims.

 on: 29 November 2019, 20:48:22 
Started by stoffel - Last post by stoffel
And it happened again..... another attack in London.
Today a man stabbed several pedestrians on London bridge, 2 of them died 3 people are wounded.
Police shot the men who was carrying a knife and wearing a suicide explosive vest.
Several people filmed the incident.
On one of the movies its visible that a group of 10 people tackles the stabber and tried to hold him down, a man is seen walking away with the attackers knive.
Few seconds later police arrived and killed the stabber out of fear he might set of the vest, a vest which appeared to be fake.
The stabber was a 28 year male from Stefforshire named Usman Khan who was just released from prison.
He was sentenced to 16 years in jail in 2013 because his involvement in planning an attack on the stock exchange.
His release was "automatic"  according to a policespokesman.

It proves again that shooting these cowards is the best option, the wont "heal" from time in prison.
Well done London police!

 on: 26 October 2019, 15:29:47 
Started by semigaller - Last post by stoffel
We had a few teams from Latvia on our Dutch army annual TMPT meeting.
Also spoke with some men last september in Dusseldorf shooting contest in Germany.

Motivated men!

 on: 24 October 2019, 19:19:32 
Started by semigaller - Last post by semigaller
I'm going start post with guard of honour unit.

In Nathional armed forces (NAF) we have Staff batalion (SBn) with company of guards of honour. SBn is only one unit wich restored from interwar times (1918-1940). The unit was established in 1919.

Colour of shoulders, insignia ir white-blue

After the restore of independence in 1991, Latvia was extremly poor country. GDP was approximataly 5-6 billions of USD (for example, in 1995 Netherlands GDP was ~450 billions USD). First uniforms and equipment of Defence forcees was insuffiecent.

Nowadays the situation is much better.


 on: 24 October 2019, 18:30:17 
Started by semigaller - Last post by semigaller
Hello everyone!

I'm going to publice some information about Latvian NAF, police and other services uniforms, ranks etc.

In general: Latvia was an independece state between world wars (1918-1940) and after collapse of USSR (1991) until today. Since 2004 Latvia is member of EU and NATO.

 on: 23 October 2019, 21:09:09 
Started by semigaller - Last post by stoffel
Welcome on board, looking forward to your contributions!

 on: 23 October 2019, 17:50:26 
Started by semigaller - Last post by semigaller
Hello everyone!

I'm really interested into
- The indepedence wars of Eastern European countries (Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, etc.) 1917-1921.
- Eastern European armies in late thirties (1930) and their capabilities to fight against Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.
- NATO and neutral states (Sweden, Switzerland) plans to defend their homelands against Warsaw pact.
-Military sociology.
-Information operations&psyops
- etc. Smiley

I hope to spend great time Smiley

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