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1  Welcome To The War & Tactics Forum / About The WaT Forum: Rules, Updates, News / Re: members on: 9 October 2012, 22:04:44
Duly noted.
2  NCO Club: Off Topic Discussions / The Lounge - Get A Beer & Just Chatter Away / Re: The Omnipresent, currently playing (music) thread... on: 2 August 2012, 04:02:25
I've got friends in low places.wmv

"hic" Greetins, "hic" From Murica. "hic".

Now a question,

If you drink , and don't drive what do you do?
3  The Military / The Military: Newsflash / Re: Huge WWII cannon to be dedicated on: 1 May 2012, 21:45:51
A rather interesting piece, it would be prudent of me to keep an eye out for further news of this development.
4  Military Hardware, Gear and Equipment / Naval Equipment / Re: Last frigate received from the shipyard in Spain on: 22 February 2012, 03:25:04
Good to go Norway!

Really interesting stuff.
5  The Military / Humor, Jokes and Fun in the Military / Re: RPG on: 22 February 2012, 03:23:02
I swear to you man that never happens on Call of Duty!

He he  hihi
6  Welcome To The War & Tactics Forum / Rally Point - Welcoming Center / Re: StuGIII...new member on: 25 September 2011, 23:40:02
7  NCO Club: Off Topic Discussions / The Lounge - Get A Beer & Just Chatter Away / Re: Stoffel as SWAT member on: 21 August 2011, 18:29:27
Pretty Cool Stuff there! Smiley
8  NCO Club: Off Topic Discussions / The Chambers: Political Discussion Board / Obama's visit to the U.K. on: 25 May 2011, 04:08:41
Hey I keep seeing the visit President Obama made to the Royal family,

Just wondering? What form of public service was he perfoming while there?

And how did it go?

And one last thought, I feel for the guy once he gets back on U.S. soil, with the recent disasters now in an already stricken American Midwest....

9  NCO Club: Off Topic Discussions / The Lounge - Get A Beer & Just Chatter Away / Re: Democracy on: 29 April 2011, 22:30:56
The beauty of the free world....
10  NCO Club: Off Topic Discussions / The Lounge - Get A Beer & Just Chatter Away / Democracy on: 27 April 2011, 04:55:28
I have heard this notion before, but what do you guys think on it?

Does Democracy only work when living conditions and amentites are pletniful for those who live under this system?
11  NCO Club: Off Topic Discussions / The Lounge - Get A Beer & Just Chatter Away / Re: Favorite classic car. on: 9 April 2011, 18:10:48
Bullit Mustang, although not really able to catch the Charger in the Film on the straightaways...even after some modifcations compared to the all stock charger in the film...

Still wins in my book, I love that car and what McQueen did with it made more than movie history, it established an autmotive icon that last even to this day.
12  NCO Club: Off Topic Discussions / The Lounge - Get A Beer & Just Chatter Away / Re: Favorite classic car. on: 30 March 2011, 03:07:51
I knew it was only a matter of time before the General Rode in. Cool
13  NCO Club: Off Topic Discussions / The Lounge - Get A Beer & Just Chatter Away / Re: Favorite classic car. on: 26 March 2011, 23:30:15
Now pictures you shall receive, in the form of my second choice,

NOTE: This four on the floor piece of domestic beauty cannot be repeated, I'd live on the streets for this, and this photo may be considered pornographic towards some....

Some will appeal it handles like a brick, some say it's will say it's useless wasteful inefficiency, but me? My vision is blurred by the stingray...

Sometimes appreciation rivals the same emotions that are felt when proposing marrage, whether it be classic domestic muscle, WW ll fighter planes or really well made 19Th century firearms, me? Yossarian? I appreciate the fine quality of items like this before the time of laser engineering and computer controlled manufacturing, yea, I could of asked and appealed to my greater sense of being a car enthusiasts, even my training I am receiving in becoming an aviation mechanic, about today's latest and greatest, but it's the hand crafted, the Samuri Sword manifestations of human spirit and soul, that captures my imagination, these cars, they do, before the keyboard that did not require ink, before the computer designing software, before the everday laser guided manufacturing robots,

It was hands... on fiber glass, hands on metal, and a beautiful imagination of man, sweat , and his tools, that resulted in today's classics, let it be a Spitfire, a 1848 Colt Revolver, or a 1965 corvette.

A quality only found in today's most expensive components, or cars, only today you gotta pay enormous price to get what was common place then,

Then every rifle, every horse shoe, every watch, had a craftsmen or close nit worker behind it, that's what fascinates me, that's what makes the contents of this thread special to me....

Even if computer began to take over somewhat the manufacture process of automobiles by the time of 1980 anyway....

It's the premise.... and anyone who share's this outlook, I admire that. Smiley

14  NCO Club: Off Topic Discussions / The Lounge - Get A Beer & Just Chatter Away / Favorite classic car. on: 23 March 2011, 12:32:37
You can tell alot about personality and a person about asking them what they would like to wear, shoes, ties, ect.

The same could go for asking them about they would like to drive.

As for me, I am asking just out of curiousity, about which classic car you would drive if you had and unlimited budget?

The only parameters are it must be pre 1980, have at least four wheels.

As for propulsion it can be anything, electric, recipricating , or even diesel.

And anything goes, From a classic Rolls Phantom, to a 64 Fairlane

As for me? I would most definitely be seen in a 1970 AMC Javelin Knipoog
15  NCO Club: Off Topic Discussions / The Lab: Science & Technology / Re: The nuclear crisis in Nipon on: 20 March 2011, 17:40:52
The Japanese term is Nippon. Not Nipon.

Good Hunting.


Much gratitude Smiley
16  NCO Club: Off Topic Discussions / The Lab: Science & Technology / Re: The nuclear crisis in Nipon on: 18 March 2011, 21:47:03
The category on the forum that holds the most close connection to science and technology based world issues.

Thanks, and sorry for misposting
17  NCO Club: Off Topic Discussions / The Lab: Science & Technology / The nuclear crisis in Nippon on: 17 March 2011, 21:25:31
I hope this is in the correct thread.

Anyway what do you folks feel about the worsening situation the crippled nuclear plants, three of which I presume on the coast close to the epicenter of the massive earthquake last week?

What worries me is if the situation gets from worse to hellish. I would not hate to see a Chernobyl of my time, it would poison that portion of Japan and create another Red Forest similar to the poisonous areas of Ukraine, this would lead to huge humanitarian crisis for decades, as people would be poisoned anywhere near the plant.

The thought of Japanese firefighters and possibly American sailors working alongside Japanese rescue workers and authorities filling a sarcophagus around a burning highly radioactive bu ring reactor like the Soviets before them.

That would leave dozens if not hundereds incredibly sick, and many would be killed form radioactive illness. Adding to the already devastating death toll of the earthquake in that region and the resulting tsunami.

I do not know if Japan could ever recover from that, seeing as this would be different, I think it is a tragedy in it's self, but also happening in the only country to be attacked by nuclear weapons in history as well, shows just true dispair, utter hopelessness.

I just hope personally that the situation can be diffused, of all things on our to do list, mankind has GOT to find another means of producing energy, having to potential environmental disasters around major population centers is just not worth the power they produce, and the waste storage? We can't even go there.

What do you guys think on the situation in Japan?
18  NCO Club: Off Topic Discussions / The Aisles: Non-military News and Snippets / Re: Pirates strike again... on: 4 March 2011, 19:09:44

Call me cynic,

but is there no other lucrative enterprise that can occupy them from attacking yahcts and merchant vessels? Holding my countrymen hostage is no way to earn a new living Rollende ogen

I know that sounds horrid, but seeing as there is no progress let alone attempts from the Somalis themselves to improve their situation, let alone work with the world community that has attempted to improve their situation, and remove them from resorting to things like piracy, then things like this might not happen as often in that portion of the world.

I understand the country is gripped by various warlords, small arms trafficking, and extreme drug issues, but when things such as the disruption of international trade for example begin to be targeted by the  woes of rouge governmentless states like Somali, then a true issue is being ignored somewhere else, other than international maritime security rears it's head here.

Especially when it ends in such tragedy Bedroefd

I hope they capture a ship carrying radioactive waste and there pirate boat sinks....
19  The Military / The Military: Newsflash / Re: Boeing beats EADS for KC-X contract on: 2 March 2011, 04:30:19
How do you think the House Budgeting committee works?   Grijns

Boeing is domestic, however, another thing goes with that, look at the posisition of a lot of the Boeing component facilities, there are parts coming from every part of the country, same with Northrope and the B2 Stealth bomber for  instance, that plane had literally some component coming from EVERY state in the Union, even Alaska and Hawaii, why? Parts from any state in particular means you have to jump through more hoops to cancel the project, because that can affect the empolyees of the companies who are contracted, like Boeing Northrope ect... And the workers have voices, and vote, and voters friends and family, so that can affect any seating congressman or woman sitting on the budgetting committee or any defense spending commitee...

Even if Airbus has a better offer....
20  The Military / The Military: Newsflash / Re: US to supply Afghan forces via Russia... on: 28 February 2011, 21:51:26
No confrontation intended, I share that same thought on aircraft.

Just was posing the situation as it seems, not entirely my opinion....okay maybe a little opinion.

However you are very keen on your eastern airframes, the An 12 for example is an excellent choice for inter theatre transport. Older yes, but ruggedness in a mountainous state like A-Stan seems somtimes the way to go, and since you are talking about gear movers, and not high tech combat aircaft, I do think using such aircaft will more than get you by.

But I do not want to steer to far off topic here. Thread for another day I suppose Cool
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