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Title: RPG
Post by: stoffel on 24 January 2012, 16:00:23
What do you get when you mix a standard typical Arab in a civil war with a RPG?

Problems..... :whistle: (

Title: Re: RPG
Post by: Yossarian on 22 February 2012, 04:23:02
I swear to you man that never happens on Call of Duty!

He he  hihi

Title: Re: RPG
Post by: Rattler on 6 October 2012, 00:08:59
link dead...


Title: Re: RPG
Post by: MontyB on 6 October 2012, 01:49:04
works for me.

Title: Re: RPG
Post by: Rattler on 7 October 2012, 12:22:19
oops, here now as well, false alarm.

Well, looks the victim was not paying attention (understandable probably under the circumstances).

What disconcerts me a lot is the way (in virtually all those Arab or Palestinian fighters videos I have seen so far) is the amount of shouting going on, for any participant with adrenaline lower brim of the upper lip this *must* create desorientation and distract.

I have been in Croatia and Sarajevo with similar situations (untrained but willing civilians in fire fights), and never witnessed this kind of chaotic accoustic background, and from professional armies I am used to the fairly on-spot shouts being exchanged, here e.g. a British unit in contact with Taliban, lots of shouting also, but transmits control and organisatioin:

British Firefight In Afghanistan (

Of course, due to the fact that I dont understand what they guys in the thread starting vid are shouting, I might suffer from misconception here, but *I* would not want my guys around me act that way.