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Title: Joint operations
Post by: stoffel on 2 July 2012, 11:46:47
One of the older games Black Hawk down from Delta Force has been extremely modded.
The result Joint Ops ICE.
New weapons, new vehicles and choppers, even Harriers.
Recently I have joined another clan the Thundering 3rd!

http://www.thundering3rd.com (http://www.thundering3rd.com)

Great bunch of warriors and a great team.
If you like this game than have a look at their server and come see us on the battlefield!

Stoffel aka Minimi T3

Title: Re: Joint operations
Post by: stoffel on 15 July 2012, 20:07:25
A new mod has been made by Armaring.

This mod has a complete new range of weapons, like the AA12, The HK36 family, The XM8 family, all modern sniper rifles, crossbows and much,much more.
Have a look at his site and download this mod for NOVA LOGICs Joint Operations.

http://www.dfusa.net/index.php (http://www.dfusa.net/index.php)
You have to join the site to be able to downnload.