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Title: CBMN: A delaying action
Post by: Koen on 20 May 2011, 18:52:09
A delaying action

this is a scenario listed in the games you get along with the game, I used it as my first scenario to play vs AI as axis defender.

Scenario is quite simple: Allies attack with armor and infantry and need to cross a road which has a + height.

pre-defined set-up sets the 88's on the same side of that road with the attackers

I choose to withdraw the 2 88's to the axis side of that road, this leads to tanks who had to show their weak belly when they crossed the road.

Result: not 1 tank got across the road and I got a draw as 'veteran'

There are enough new things available but when you're used to playing the CM series you have a solid experience you can use.