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Title: United States 1st Armored Division
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United States 1st Armored Division by Mad Russian

The division landed in North Africa on 8 November 1942. After fighting through Algeria the division met German forces at Terbourba December 1st, 1942.

The Division then fought German forces until their surrender in Tunisia on 13 May 1943.

1st Armored Division arrived in Naples Italy on 28 October 1943 and went into combat along the Rapido River mid-December 1943. The division followed up fighting at M. Porchia with a landing at Anzio on January 24th 1944. The division saw hard fighting in, and around, the Anzio beachead.

4 June 1944, the division entered Rome. It was involved in the battle for Casole d' Elsa between 2-4 July 1944.

1 September 1944, the division crossed the Arno River. This was followed by clearing M. Pisano, Altopascio road center, and Lucca within the next 4 days.  10 September saw CCB capturing Castelvecchio and M. Liguana.

8 October 1944, the 1st Armored Division attacked the Monterumici Hillmass, and was tied up in heavy fighting for almost the entire month.

Carviano fell to division troops on 8 March 1945. 27 March saw the fall of Salvaro. The division fought the Battle for Vergato 14-16 April 1945 and after rapid advances across the Samoggia, Panaro and  Po Rivers ended the war in Milan.


"Order of Battle U.S. Army, World War II" by Shelby L. Stanton

Title: 1st Armored Division Overseas Assignments and Tactical Organization
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United States 1st Armored Division Organization (1944-1945)

1st Tank Battalion
4th Tank Battalion
13th Tank Battalion
6th Armored Infantry Battalion
11th Armored Infantry Battalion
14th Armored Infantry Battalion
27th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
68th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
91st Armored Field Artillery Battalion
81st Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron
16th Armored Engineer Battalion

1st Armored Division Overseas Assignments

NATO - 22 December 1942

British 5th Corps - January 1943

II Corps - 11 January 1943

NATO - May 1943

II Corps - 20 October 1043

VI Corps - January 1944

Fifth Army - 8 June 1944

IV Corps - 18 June 1944

II Corps - 7 October 1944

IV Corps - 19 February 1945

II Corps - 1 April 1945

IV Corps - 5 April 1945


MG Orlando Ward - March 1942

MG Ernst N. Harmon - April 1943