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Title: Heeresgruppe B Western front,
Post by: stoffel on 17 January 2010, 17:40:27
Heeresgruppe B, march 1945

2. panzerdivision
9. panzerdivision
11. panzerdivision
Panzer Lehr division
3. panzergrenadierdivision
Panzer brigade 106
Panzerabteilung (FKL)301
Schwere panzerabteilung 506

Title: Re: Heeresgruppe B Western front, may 1940 (attacking Netherlands)
Post by: stoffel on 21 July 2010, 16:47:14
Army group B: commanded by Generaloberst F. Von Bock.

18th army
commanded by General der artillery G. van Kuchler.
1st Cavalrydivision commanded by General major Feldt

10 army corps commanded by general C. Haussen
227th division commanded by Generalmajor Zickwolf
207th division commanded by generalleutnant K. Von Tiedeman
526th borderdivision commanded (did not participate in the attack on Holland)

26th army corps commanded by general der artillery A Woldrig
SS verfugunsdivision commanded by Gruppenfuhrer Hausser
208th inf division commanded by Generalmajor Andreas
225th inf division commanded by generalleutnant Schaumberg
254th inf division commanded by generalleutnant Behschnitt
256th inf division generalmajor A. Kauffman
9th panzerdivision commanded by Generalleutnant Dr A. Hubicki

6th army
commanded by Genaraloberst W. Von Reichenau
9th army corps commanded by general der infanterie H. Geyer
30th inf division
56th inf division
216th inf division

11th army corps
commanded by generalleutnant J. von Kortzfleisch
14th inf division
19th inf division
31th inf division

4th armycorps
commanded by generalder infanterie W. von Schwedler
7th inf division
18th inf division
35th inf division
4th panzerdivision

27th armycorps
commanded by General der infanterie A Wager
61st inf division
253th inf division
269th inf division

16th panzercorps
3 panzerdivisions in reserve

Luftflotte 2 general der Flieger A. Kesselring

IV Fliegerkorps general der flieger Keller

VIII Fliegerkorps general der flieger Von Richthofen

Lufllandetruppen commanded by general der flieger K. Student

7th fallschirmdivision general K. Student

22nd inf division commanded by generalleutnant Graf von Sponeck

Title: Re: Heeresgruppe B Western front, june 1940
Post by: stoffel on 27 July 2010, 13:25:28
Heeresgruppe B

16th panzercorps

3rd panzerdivisions panzerbrigade 3 with panzerregiment 5 and 6.
4th panzerdivisions 5th brigade with panzerregiment 35 and 36.

15th panzercorps

5th panzerdivision with 8th panzerbrigade, Panzerregiment 15 and 31.
7th panzerdivision with panzerregiment 25.

14th corps

9th panzerdivision with panzerregiment 33
10th panzerdivisions 4th brigade with panzerregiments 7 and 8

Source jentz panzertruppen 1