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Title: Armeegruppe XXI (21) during attack on Norway april 1940
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German Attack on Norway: 9 April 1940

Army Group XXI

3rd Mountain Division:
1/,2/,3/138th Gebirgsjäger Regiment
1/,2/,3/139th Gebirgsjäger Regiment
1/,2/,3/112th Gebirgs (Mountain) Artillerie Regiment
12th Reconnaissance Battalion
48th Armored Abwehr (AT) Battalion
83rd Gebirgs (Mountian) Pioneer Battalion
68th Division Support Units

69th Division:
1/,2/,3/159th Infantry Regiment
1/,2/,3/193rd Infantry Regiment
1/,2/,3/236th Infantry Regiment
1/,2/,3/,4/169th Artillery Regiment
169th Anti-tank Battalion
169th Engineer Battalion
169th Signals Battalion
169th Division (Einheiten) Service Units

163rd Division:
1/,2/,3/307th Infantry Regiment
1/,2/,3/310th Infantry Regiment 234th Bicycle Battalion
1/,2/,3/324th Infantry Regiment
1/,2/,3/234th Artillery Regiment (to 9 btrys on 4/26)
234th Anti-tank Battalion
234th Engineer Battalion
234th Signals Battalion
234th Division (Einheiten) Service Units

181st Division:
1/,2/,3/334th Infantry Regiment
1/,2/,3/349th Infantry Regiment
1/,2/359th Infantry Regiment
1/,2/,3/222nd Artillery Regiment
222nd Anti-tank Battalion
222nd Engineer Battalion
222nd Signals Battalion
222nd Division (Einheiten) Service Units

196th Division:
1/,2/,3/340th Infantry Regiment
1/,2/,3/345th Infantry Regiment
1/,2/,3/362nd Infantry Regiment
1/,2/,3/223rd Artillery Regiment
223rd Anti-tank Battalion
223rd Engineer Battalion
223rd Signals Battalion
223rd Division (Einheinten) Service Units

Corps Troops:
1/729th Heavy Artillery Battalion
1/,2/,3/730th Heavy Artillery Battalion (4-105mm Czech guns ea)
916th Heavy Artillery Battery (150mm)
939th Heavy Artillery Battery (150mm)
3rd Co, 40th Panzer Battaion
40th Railroad Company
41st Railroad Company
463rd Signals Company
2./640th Radio Company
2./640th Telephone Company
9./645th Telephone Company (1 platoon)

Note: The precise of of KGr z.b.V 108 is unclear as it was referred to in contemporary orders as a geschwader with three gruppen. There is also some confusion about which unit had the commandeered transports with KGr zbV 107 often suggested.

Records of Headquarters, German Army High Command, national Archives Microcopy No. T-78, Roll T-971, American Historical Association Committee for the Study of War Documents, Washington, DC., 1960
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