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Title: Chinese airforce missile program
Post by: stoffel on 15 July 2010, 00:32:50
China has become a succesfull producer of aircraft and missiles.
The  Chinese copied Russian missiles like the AA-2 Atol and several other proven missiles modernising fuel, range or warheads.
Examples are the Luoyang PL-8/9 (licensed Rafael Python 3 SRAAM)
SAST PL-11 (licensed ASPIDE/AIM7)
Today China is capable of producing its own rockets, specially in the next generation(5th) of missiles.
China is spending large sums on developing new missiles to equip their J 10 and FC 2 aircraft but also for the future J-XX project.

Letri SD-10/PL12

This missile was seen first at a foreign exhibition in 2008.
It uses active radar homing and mid course update BVR.
Its nicked the Chinese AMRAAM, problem for the west, the missile outranges the AIM 120.
The missile is standard package on the J-10 and it will eventually replace the R-77 missile used on  the SU27/30 fleet.

Louyang PL-ASR/PL10

Looks like the South African A-Darter missile, however its an close in WVR missile with lock-on after firing and thrust-vectoring indicating extreme agility.
Its expected to enter production this year.

Letri PL-13

The PL-13 is believed to be an extended range rocket/ramjet- powered missile under development it may look similar to the METEOR.
There is only a graphical sketch seen on the internet showing control surfaces and ramjet air intakes.