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Title: Live/PBM Chess at WaT
Post by: TechAdmin on 30 January 2011, 22:33:14

After a lot of work one of my bigger projects here has come to a succesful conlusion:

You probably already saw it on the protal or stubled over the new button in the menu: We now can play chess with other users at WaT, both live or turn based (as in a PBM) whenever one of the players is online.

There is no limit of how many matches you can have going, all matches will get auto-saved at every state. You can challenge specific users or join open unspecific challenges, a ladder is automatically created on the base of all played matches at WaT, and an archive of all mathches is kept.

Details on how to access and use the Chess Feature you find at this How-to (http://www.warandtactics.com/smf/wat-tech-info/how-to-play-chess-on-wat/) that I wrote up.

I hope you as wargamers are interested in this feature, looking forward to many interesting matches,